Longbox Graveyard Podcast & More!

Everyone knows there’s a new Longbox Graveyard blog each Wednesday … but this isn’t the only place on the web where I hold court! The growing popularity of Longbox Graveyard has led to interviews, podcasts, and guest blogging gigs!

Longbox Graveyard Podcast

Please check out the Longbox Graveyard Podcast, courtesy of the We Talk Podcasts network! Twelve episodes were recorded for posterity, and you’ll find them all below!

We Talk Podcasts

06/19/2012 Episode #1: Childish Things — My secret origin!

07/17/2012 Episode #2: The Ritual — Why we do we do what we do?

08/21/2012 Episode #3: Digital Comics & The Illusion of Ownership — Let it go, man!

09/18/2012 Episode #4: Holy Terror — Frank Miller’s controversial graphic novel through the eyes of a young man growing up in the post-9/11 world.

10/17/2012 Episode #5: Form Follows Function — A look at how the comic book form has evolved thanks to technology and commerce.

11/13/2012 Episode #6: The Curse of the Marvel Value Stamp — The bane of Bronze Age collectors!

12/19/2012 Episode #7: The Few 52 — Chris Ulm and I argue out DC’s big reboot!

01/16/2013 Episode #8: The Dark Knight Rises — A movie review. But not really.

02/13/2013 Episode #9: A Tale of Two Pitches — I name drop Bill Jemas and Steven Spielberg!

03/20/2013 Episode #10: Marvel Comics: A Space Odyssey — All about 1970s outer-space, Marvel-style!

04/18/2013 Episode #11: Top Ten Issues of Amazing Spider-Man — Guest interview with Mark Ginocchio of Chasing Amazing Blog!

05/16/2013 Episode #12: Iron Man 3 — Spoiler-filled Iron Man movie rant with Chris Ulm!

Other Podcasts

The Unspoken Decade

The Great Debate — 1990s vs. 1970s comics! LISTEN

Relatively Geeky Network

Quarter-Bin Podcast #30 — My experience writing comics in the 1990s! LISTEN

Compton After Dark

April 13, 2014 — Far-ranging chat with LBG contributor Dean Compton! LISTEN

We Talk Comics

WTC Special — Bronze & Silver Age talk! LISTEN

We Talk Comics Show #30 — My digital comics rant! LISTEN

2013 WeTalkies Awards — Cameo appearance. LISTEN

Marvelous Mythologies — Silver Age Marvel talk! LISTEN

The Book Guys

The Book Guys #72 — Discussing digital comics and more. LISTEN (or WATCH!)

Stash My Comics

Stash My Comics Podcast #6 — Discussing Silver Surfer #3! LISTEN

Stash My Comics Podcast #21 — Discussing All-Star Batman & Robin LISTEN

Twitter avatar of Longbox Graveyard by Glenn J. Smith!

Interviews & Mentions

Interview with Digiday about the Pinterest gender gap, and a follow-up which ridiculously overstates my influence on that site.

“Pinterview” with Pinterest.

Post-Comic Con interview with LitStack.

Very kind endorsement from NerdSpan.

One-on-one interview with Comic Book And Movie Reviews.

“Ten Tweets Thursday” interview with Comicosity.

Far-ranging talk with The Long Shot.

Guest Blogs

What Culture

5 Marvel Fashion Disasters Of The 1970s!

Mars Will Send No More

March Madness T-Rex Beat-Down!

When Walks The Warlord!


Who Is Don Blake?

The Last Days of Superman

The Longbox Project

First Cut

Stash My Comics


The Best Comics of 2012

The Dollar Box

The Man For The Job

Face-To-Face With … The Lizard!

The Power And The Prize!

Vengeance of the Molecule Man!

The Coming of … The Falcon!

Sincerely, The Sandman

Blown Away

Dark Genesis!

Windhoelme (Star-Lord)

The Song of Red Sonja

The Bride of Ultron

Mjolner’s Song

Say What?!

The Sub-Mariner Rises!

The All-Seeing Boob Tube of Agomotto!

Not The Sharpest Fish In The Sea!

Tony Lights Up His Life!

The Hero With A Thousand Faces

The Jersey Turnpike Is Murder

Diplomatic Immunity

Raising The Stakes

We Talk Podcasts

Digital Comics Rant


The Lost Panel: The Buscema Slouch

Read Comics Books.net

Best of the Week

Best of the Week #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30

4 Seconds

And don’t forget to check out all the press links and podcasts related to my original digital comic, 4 Seconds, at my 4 Seconds Page!

Thanks to all intrepid bloggers, webmasters, and podcasters far and wide for having me on their shows! To summon the Longbox Graveyard to YOUR podcast, or to arrange a guest blog, write me — longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com!

  1. I ran across your Steranko board on Pinterest and appreciated your appreciation (an example of a double positive) of his work, so I followed the notice back to your site and just listened to your review of Dark Knight Rises. A very good piece of writing. And radio. You have an engaging vocal presence; I hope you keep doing the podcasts. Your thoughts on Dark Knight Rises brought into focus a number of my own reactions. Unlike you, I had stayed interested in the Batman character over the years, but had felt bitterly disappointed in the first five movies–they represented the missed opportunity to do the character as well on the screen as he had been done in comics. The joy I felt after seeing the first Nolan film was all out of proportion to its virtues. I realized I had been waiting my whole life for a good Batman movie, that it satisfied something deep in what I usually think of as a sober, adult personality. I think you touched on why this is so: those archetypal comic book characters that seized my imagination as a kid are still in the trophy case of my unconscious, epitomizing some of the best moments in life. Being mythic in nature, they’re able to reach that place in me where symbol and emotion come together. Dreamtime. Joseph Campbell. A perfection beyond the self. Yes, you nailed it exactly. I’m still dealing with the nasty taste Dark Knight Rises left in my memory, but you’ve given me insight into understanding why. Thanks,


    • Thanks for reading and writing, Kerby, it’s posts like this that make it all worthwhile (and it’s also gratifying to know the groundwork I’ve been doing on Pinterest generated a referral and a reader for this blog — wahoo!).

      It was cathartic to share my Dark Knight Rises experience, and I’m glad the podcast worked for you. It was a bit sloppier and less locked-down than my usual podcast, I kind of came to realizations as I was making it, and even ended up recording a new conclusion as the original was too downbeat and (upon review) untrue. Thanks for listening as I put myself on the geek couch!

      I’d tell you to tune in next month for more of the same but I have only a vague idea of what I will be doing from show to show … I do think the next show will continue this theme of examining benign fan obsession but it will be an interview in this case, time to get out of my head a bit and into someone else’s.


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