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Windhoelme (Star-Lord!)

Windhoelme (Star-Lord!)

The February installment of my Dollar Box column is now live over at

Marvel Preview #11

This month I continue yesterday’s look at Star-Lord with an in-depth review of the best single issue in his limited, pre-Marvel Universe era — the superior space opera from Marvel Preview #11 by the ace team of Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin. This comic is historic as it was the very first time those three great talents came together on the same book … and it’s worth reading and remembering in its own right. Check it out!

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The Buscema Slouch

The Buscema Slouch!

I have a one-shot column published at Comicosity this week, looking at a signature pose from one of the all-time great superhero artists. Yes, it’s the Buscema Slouch!

Silver Surfer #4, John Buscema

This article looks at the many ways and places John Buscema used the storytelling shorthand of a character slouching on a throne in his work. Check it out … and while you are there, be sure to explore the rest of Comicosity, one of my favorite comics sites!

Thanks to Comicosity for spotlighting The Buscema Slouch!

(And join me here tomorrow at Longbox Graveyard, when I look at another comic book master — Jack Kirby!)


Dark Genesis!

Dark Genesis!

Yesterday I wrote about the first four issues of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing, and I take an even deeper dive into the muck with this month’s Dollar Box column over at, which is all about Swampy’s origin tale from Swamp Thing #1!

Swamp Thing #1

This is one of the finest comics origin tales of all time, and it is well worth reading and remembering even forty years after it was originally published! Head on over to for more!

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