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Will Eisner On The Roles Of Artists & Writers

“In order to consider, separately, the role of the writer, it is necessary to arbitrarily limit the ‘writing’ for comics to the function of conceiving the idea and the story, creating the order of telling and fabricating the dialogue or narrative elements … A factor that has always had an impact on comics as an art form is the underlaying reality that we are dealing with a medium of expression which is primarily visual … WORDS/ART: INSEPARABLE … In view of this interdependence there is therefore no choice (in fairness to the form itself) but to recognize the primacy of the writing. In doing so, however, one must then immediately acknowledge that in a perfect (or pure) configuration the writer and artist should be embodied in the same person. The writing (or the writer) must be in control to the very end … I have always been strongly of the opinion that the writer and artist should be in one person.”

Will Eisner, Comics & Sequential Art (Expanded Edition), p. 122-132

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