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For Sale Friday: West Coast Avengers!

Welcome to another edition of For Sale Friday, where I offer select comics runs for sale directly to my readers! All lots are sold on a first-come, first-gets-it basis (and if they don’t move in a week, you can find them on to eBay)!

This week’s offering is a big lot of West Coast Avengers!

West Coast Avengers!


Back in the bad old 1980s, having more than one Avengers book per month was a special thing … and if the West Coast version of the Avengers never quite lived up to the gravitas of their eastern brethren, well, it wasn’t for want of trying.

West Coast Avengers Lot


The lot I have on offer is West Coast Avengers #1-23, plus Annual #1, and bonus issues #50 & 51. This is technically “Volume 2” of the series, as Volume 1 was a four-issue mini-series of the same name. All books are individually bagged and boarded, and in mid-grade condition or better. Your price for this lot is $20.00, plus postage (U.S. addresses only, please). I will charge you exact postage based on destination — the lot will weigh about five pounds and ship from zip code 92078 in case you would like to log onto and run some scenarios.


West Coast Avengers #1

If you’d like these comics for your very own, write me — longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com — and we will work out the details. Think of it as a way of supporting Longbox Graveyard while filling out your own collection with some cool comics!

See you back here next week for another For Sale Friday … and in the meantime, please be sure to check my individual comics issues for sale, and my eBay auctions, too!


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