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Sweet Christmas: A Visual History of Luke Cage

It’s Christmas in May as Mo Kristiansen of We Talk Podcasts brings us an exhaustive visual history of Luke Cage!

Amazing Spider-Man #123

Mo was my podcasting godfather, so I am always on the lookout for a reason to plug his site, but this Luke Cage retrospective is especially worth your time. Mo traces the visual development of Luke from his “Power Man” days to the present era, and even includes video games, action figures, and Legos!

For such heartfelt work, the least I can do is offer Mo a plug … and I also feel a little bad for putting Luke in my list of Marvel fashion disasters over at What Culture, too. So click on over to We Talk Podcasts, and tell Mo that Longbox Graveyard sent you!

The Voice of the Longbox!

It’s been nearly a year since I had a podcast of my own, but it was fun to get back behind the (virtual) microphone with the We Talk Comics guys for last week’s “WTC Special!”

We Talk Comics!

That’s me in the middle, with the flaming head. Which is cool. If they’d instead made us The Legion of Substitute Heroes, as I suggested, I might have gotten stuck with Doubleheader. Or Night Girl.

(Of course, if I was turned into Night Girl, I’d never leave the house.)

But enough of that. Just give the podcast a listen.

Thanks to Mo Kristiansen for having me on the show!

The Fourth Longbox Graveyard Podcast Has Arrived!

The Fourth Longbox Graveyard Podcast Has Arrived!

The fourth monthly installment of the Longbox Graveyard Podcast is now available for your downloading and listening pleasure.

This month marks a departure from format as I look at Frank Miller’s controversial and devisive Holy Terror through the eyes of a young man who has grown up in a post-9/11 world — my son, Miles.

It’s a bit longer and maybe less locked down that previous episodes of the podcast but I hope you will find it worth your while. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Thanks to Mo Kristiansen at the We Talk Podcasts network for hosting the Longbox Graveyard Podcast. You can find all of my past podcasts and appearances on my … wait for it … podcast page.

Longbox Graveyard Podcast at iTunes

Longbox Graveyard Podcast at We Talk Podcasts

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