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Guardians of the Galaxy #1


Capsule Review

Brian Michael Bendis doesn’t miss a beat — the lineup has been scrambled, but his Guardians keep on swashbuckling and quipping their way through one space battle after another as if there’d never been a reboot. Nice characterization, as is always the case with Bendis. Artist Valerio Schitti stages dialogue nicely and handles facial expressions well, but I found colorist Richard Isanove’s palette limited and repetitive. Fun to see Star Lord every bit as unsuited to the job of being a king as you might expect, and even more fun to see The Thing having fun as a spaceman, fulfilling his life-long dream. (Now, if I only knew how the heck he’d gotten on the team!)

Approachability For New Readers

Poor. You’ll need an Associate of Arts degree in recent Bendis-era Guardians of the Galaxy history to know what is going on, but even then there will still be plenty of holes, like why is Kitty Pryde standing in for Star Lord, when did Drax get an intellect, and (biggest of all) how the heck did Ben Grimm join the Guardians? Whatever. Just go with it.

Read #2?

Oh yes.

Sales Rank

#9 October

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Guardians of the Galaxy #1

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