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Dark Genesis!

Dark Genesis!

Yesterday I wrote about the first four issues of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing, and I take an even deeper dive into the muck with this month’s Dollar Box column over at, which is all about Swampy’s origin tale from Swamp Thing #1!

Swamp Thing #1

This is one of the finest comics origin tales of all time, and it is well worth reading and remembering even forty years after it was originally published! Head on over to for more!

Thanks to for hosting The Dollar Box!


Blown Away

Blown Away

The first Wednesday of the month brings a new Dollar Box column over at

Captain Marvel #34

This month’s subject is Captain Marvel #34, Jim Starlin’s swan song on this particular title. Compared to the cosmic drama that came before, this is an insignificant issue — but the energetic visual style of this book was a big part of making me a comics fan for life. This issue also kinda-sorta featured the death of Captain Marvel, event though it would take another eight years for it to happen!

Thanks as always to for hosting The Dollar Box!

Sincerely, The Sandman

Sincerely, The Sandman

A new month brings a new Dollar Box column from your humble narrator over at

This month I take a close look at “Sincerely, The Sandman” from Hulk #138. While the plot is little different from the usual rage-of-the-month antics of Silver Age Hulk, creators Herb Trimpe and Roy Thomas really stepped up their game for this largely-forgotten little gem of a story. The tale is filled with literary allusions and artist Herb Trimpe proves he was more than just an inventory artist with page layouts and visual storytelling evocative of the great Will Eisner!

Even if you aren’t a fan of these creators or this character, you owe it to yourself to check out this issue, which I think you will find surprising. Thanks again to for hosting The Dollar Box!

The Coming of … The Falcon!

The Coming of … The Falcon!

My new Dollar Box column is now live over at This month I break with tradition and review not one … not two … but three issues in one column with The Coming of the Falcon!

This is the Falcon’s origin story from Captain America #117-119. It features some great Gene Colan art, the Red Skull, the Cosmic Cube, the aforementioned Falcon, and one of the goofiest and most convoluted Silver Age Captain America stories you will ever read!

Save yourself the pain of sorting through the originals and get up-to-speed on all things Falcon over at the Dollar Box! Thanks, as always, to for hosting my column!

Say What?!

Say What?!

My monthly Dollar Box column isn’t the only writing I do for the guys over at — I’ve also published several articles in their Say What?! series, which looks at true things from actual comics that you won’t believe exist!

the Savage Sub-Mariner — one of my favorite subjects for Say What!?

I’ve published four Say What?! entries so far …

The Sub-Mariner Rises!

The All-Seeing Boob Tube of Agomotto!

Not The Sharpest Fish In The Sea!

Tony Lights Up His Life!

… and more are on the way!

Mouse on over to for more, and thanks, as always, to the SMC crew for publishing my work!

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