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Who Is Don Blake?

I had a guest blog published at Sequart over the weekend. Who Is Don Blake examines the strange secret identity (and identity crisis!) of everyone’s favorite Norse superhero, the Mighty Thor!

Thor's original virtues, right there on the label

The Sequart Research & Literacy Organization is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting comic books as a legitimate artform. This is the second time I’ve published an article at Sequart, as they previously reprinted my piece on how Grant Morrison and Alan Moore handled the death of Superman.

Who Is Don Blake?

Thanks to Sequart for publishing my work! Head on over to Sequart to see what I had to say about Don Blake, then feel free to come back here and tell me what you thought!


The LAST Last Days of Superman

My Last Days of Superman article from earlier this year has generously been reprinted at Sequart, as part of their Superman Week coverage.

Kryptonite No More!

I’m flattered to be reprinted by a highbrow outfit like Sequart. Please mouse on over there to read my article, and check out the site if you’ve never seen it before. Their mission is to “advance comics as art,” which is something we can all agree is a good thing.

Thanks, Sequart!!

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