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The Mighty Bedbug

Last Friday I made a stealthy, solo trip to San Diego Comic-Con, and was delighted to reconnect with my old friend, Scott Rogers.

Scott’s had a crazy year … fighting cancer, and shipping issue #1 of his creator-owned Mighty Bedbug comic book!

BedBug #1

The Mighty Bedbug is a single dad who overcomes a crippling childhood injury to defend the streets of Silicon City and (just as importantly) be a good father to his daughter, Elvira. It doesn’t require the intellect of The Boogeyman to see the parallels to Scott’s own life, where Scott has thrust illness aside to create art and continue to be a wonderful husband and father to his own family.

Bedbug & Skulls

Scott, The Red Skull, and me (you will have to work out who is who on your own!)

Scott and Bedbug both are super-heroes in my book!

Learn more about The Mighty Bedbug at Scott’s blog. Tell ’em Longbox Graveyard sent you!

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