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“N” Is For …

… The New Gods! (1971)

I’m going to cheat a bit here and include all of Kirby’s Fourth World under this entry. The New Gods is very good on its own, but it gets even better when you mix in the rest of Kirby’s Fourth World work into a single story (particularly Mister Miracle, another favorite book that got caught up in yesterday’s pile-up).

My hardcover copies of DC’s four-volume Fourth World Omnibus is one of the prize parts of my collection — not because they are especially valueable (though they may well be) but because I delight in taking them down from the shelf more than any other collection. I do a cover-to-cover re-read once every couple years, and I always find something new. I also drop in for a story or two in between my re-reads, and am always thrilled to spend an evening with Terrible Turpin, or revisiting The Pact. Truly, this is a series that burns off more incredible ideas on a single page than many books realize in a run of a hundred issues or more. Just genius.

Tell me a better “N” book, I dare you!

Honorable Mentions:

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New Gods #1

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By Any Other Name: Darkseid

Longbox Graveyard #87

How do YOU pronounce, “Darkseid?”

Jack Kirby's Darkseid

Jack Kirby‘s signature villain from The New Gods is one of the King’s greatest creations, a universe-spanning threat famous (infamous?) for his relentless pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation. He has battled the Justice League, appeared in cartoons

animated Darkseid

… and gotten his own action figure …

Darkseid action figure

… but he’s one of those characters — the kind with the name you’re not confident saying out loud.

Do we call him Dark-SEED? Or do we call him, Dark-SIDE?

(I’m inclined to call him, “Sir,” if I call him anything at all.)

There seems some consensus on the web that we should be calling this character Dark-SIDE, and no less an authority than Mark Evanier writes that is how Kirby himself referred to his creation.

But how do YOU pronounce this bad guy’s name? Take my poll!

Defend your choice in comments, below!

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