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Silver Surfer #1


Capsule Review

I liked the Dan Slott/Mike Allred collaboration in their previous Surfer series, and since this new book is a direct continuation of the old, it stands to reason that I’d like this book, too. And I did! But this Silver Surfer is substantially different from the golden Silver Age version. For one thing, he’s considerably less grim … and he should be, given he can now roam the cosmos at will, and even “silver down” to become flesh & blood and eat candy corn (which happens in this issue). The original surfer surrendered his humanity to save his own people, and then suffered exile here on earth when he saved the human race — and those things are core to the character — but I was surprised to see that the Surfer could evolve beyond those precepts, and still remain the Surfer. In this I take the opposite of my position on Spider-Man, who I condemned to perpetual adolescence. I suppose the difference is that the Surfer’s circumstances so limited the character, while the core elements of the kvetching Spider-Man seem such an evergreen. Whatever. If you go into this series, be prepared for a Surfer with a young lady companion, Dawn, (echoes of Doctor Who, there), and, yes, art and story that can be a bit twee — but all is forgiven, when Dawn decides the Surfer’s board must be named, “Toomie.” Not your father’s Silver Surfer, to be sure. Anyway, this particular issue is more of the same; I like it plenty, but I can see where it’s not for everybody. Bonus points for this issue including goofy-looking aliens who literally steal earth’s culture.

Approachability For New Readers

Not so great. You really need to have read some recent Silver Surfer to know what is going on. And you still won’t know why the heck Ben Grimm is in outer space at the end of the issue.

Read #2?

To me, issue two!

Sales Rank

#17 January

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Silver Surfer #1


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