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Please Send To Mars Will Send No More!

Mars Needs Women!

(Actually, Mars doesn’t need women. But Mars could use your help).

What is Mars? Who is Mars? This is a mystery, but I will tell you what I know.

Mars is Matthew Howard. He’s an author, an editor, a comics historian and aficionado, and a graduate student living in the American southwest. His obsessions are comics, pulp fiction, dinosaurs, robots, and rock & roll … and not necessarily in that order. He was one of my earliest supporters here at Longbox Graveyard, and also one of the most enthusiastic. Through the years, Mars and I have struck up a Blog Friendship, guest blogging for each other and generally keeping one another’s spirits up.

There was the time Mars and I blogged out a Dinosaur Beat-Down. (Devil Dinosaur was the winner, naturally).

Mars interviewed me at his blog about my original comics creation, 4 Seconds.

I interviewed Mars about his novel-length collection of Meteor Mags stories.

And there have been other collaborations and comments on each other’s blogs too numerous to mention here.

PLUS, Mars is always sending me stuff! Just a small accounting of the wonderful stuff showing up unannounced in my post from Mars include a stack of Defenders comics and DC war books.

A perplexing box of little superhero parts.

And a huge Defenders Treasury Edition comic book.

Mars sends me these things because he’s a considerate and thoughtful person. He’s an artist, a creator, and a true friend of Longbox Graveyard.

So, when Mars politely asked me to promote his GoFundMe page to help him cover a gap before grad school resumes in the Fall, I immediately kicked him a couple bucks and posted the link to my Twitter feed.

And now I am re-posting that link here, and I hope you will consider sending to Mars Will Send No More! He has always been generous with me — generous with his time, with his help, and yes even with the crazy stuff he unearths in his secret headquarters. Might you be generous with him?

(Consider it a contribution in kind for any joy you’ve gotten from my own efforts here at Longbox Graveyard. I guarantee you this blog would look very different today — and likely wouldn’t be here at all — if not for good ol’ Mars).

Thanks in advance for your consideration. And thanks again and always to Mars Will Send No More!

(And don’t forget to check out his blog, either!)



Mars Has Sent Even More!

Another mysterious arrival here at Longbox Graveyard Worldwide HQ!

Martian package

The label reveals this is a package from Mars Will Send No More … but it is entirely unexpected.


Meteor Mags redux

Ah ha! A copy of Red Metal At Dawn, and the latest chapter in the saga of Meteor Mags. But I already have this book

… or do I?

second edition service!

Mystery solved! This is a second edition of Red Metal At Dawn! Have you ever received a complimentary copy of the second edition of a book, merely because you’d purchased the first?

Neither have I!

And to further prove that he’s a class act, an autograph from the Mysterious Martian himself:

mysterious inscription

Thanks, Mars, this kindness made my day.

If you want to know what the hubbub is all about … read my original article about Red Metal At Dawn. Everything I wrote then still applies … and now applies double, with this revised edition!

Red Metal At Dawn

The Making Of 4 Seconds

My good buddy at Mars Will Send No More has published an interview with your humble narrator about my original digital comic book, 4 Seconds, at his eponymous site.

4 Seconds

4 Seconds is FREE to read online at Thrillbent!

Visit Mars Will Send No More for a 4 Seconds deep dive featuring script samples and original concept art by design wizard Billy King!

Thanks to Mars Will Send No More for his in-depth interview!

Mars Will Send No More!

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