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March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — Elite Eight!

The battles heated up in the Sweet Sixteen round of the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown! We are now down to our Elite Eight — and here are the headlines!

Favorties Advance!

Krypto, Gorilla Grodd, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all won by wide margins, surprising no one in their march to their regional finals. Rallying from his narrow overtime victory in the first round, Comet had little trouble in stomping Streaky (at last he has Supergirl all to himself!).

lovesick Comet

let it go, Comet … it can never be!

One-Vote Winners!

Two matches game down to a single vote this round, although in both cases the higher seed advanced. Howard the Duck barely beat out a very game Thunder Frog, while Devil Dinosaur hung on by his tiny little arms to defeat the evil Mr. Mind.

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur has an edge thanks to his ace corner-man, Moon Boy!

Day of the Underdog!

The biggest “upset” of the round saw Lockjaw blowing out Ace the Bat-Hound by 34 points … but that probably just means that I’d over-seeded Ace (because Batman). Lockjaw now wears Cinderella’s slippers as the lowest surviving seed in the tournament at #11 … and I have to say that I like the Inhuman pup’s chances in the quarterfinals against those Heroes on the Half-Shell!


Lockjaw’s coming on like gangbusters, all right!

And so we have our Elite Eight — two dogs, one horse, one duck, one gorilla, one raccoon, one T-Rex, four turtles, and one Moon Boy tagging along for good measure!


Elite Eight!

As always, your votes will determine the winners!

Vote now in these four Super-Animal Showdowns!

It’s a Legion of Super-Pets grudge match as Krypto (d. Gnort, 84-16) battles Comet (d. Streaky 60-40)

Krypto vs. Comet!

Sarcasm vs. Super-Intelligence as Howard the Duck (d. Throg 51-49) confronts Gorilla Grodd (d. Beppo 71-29)

Howard the Duck vs. Gorilla Grodd!

Firepower vs. pre-historic fury as Rocket Raccoon (d. Det. Chimp 60-40) fights Devil Dinosaur (d. Mr. Mind 51-49)

Rocket Raccoon vs. Devil Dinosaur!

And #3 seed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (d. Spider-Ham 72-28) can’t afford to stay in their shells against the belle of the ball, Lockjaw! (d. Ace the Bat-Hound 67-33)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Lockjaw!

You have one week, more-or-less, to cast your votes! Join me back here on Monday, April 6th for the Final Four … and cheer on your favorites in the comments section, below!

March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — Round of 16!

The first round of the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown tournament is in the books … and while for the most part the higher seeds advanced (and we had several blowouts), there were still a few mild upsets and one match that went into overtime!

The closest thing to a genuine upset in the first round was #19 seed The Spectacular Spider-Ham taking down poor old Proty (ranked #14) by a 54-46 count. Proty may have been hampered by his unclear status — is he a pet? an alien? — plus his finest years were in the far future of the long lost Silver Age adventures of the Legion of Superheroes, who aren’t exactly a hot ticket right now. The Spectacular Spider-Ham emerges from the first round as the tournament’s “Cinderella,” being the lowest seed still in the tournament.

The first round’s other upset was much milder, with #17 G’nort going through against #18 Zabu by a score of 53-47.

The favorites carried every other battle by comfortable margins … aside from the dead heat contest between Comet the Superhorse and Monsieur Mallah! This battle wound up in a flat-footed 50-50 tie, so I determined the “overtime” winner by casting my moderator’s vote in favor of the higher seed, Comet (#8). Monsieur Mallah’s fans can now gripe twice — first that they were scandalously under-seeded at #25, and second that they were robbed on the field of play!

Let’s serenade poor Monsieur Mallah as he leaves the tournament, beaten but unbowed!

But there is no time for replay or appeals in the Super-Animal Showdown … we are on to the second round! Cast your votes in the match-ups below!

Science fiction animals collide as top seed Krypto (d. Max 94-6) battles Gnort (d. Zabu 53-47)

Streaky vs. Gnort

Civil war for the Legion of Super-Pets as Streaky (d. Redwing 65-35) claws into Comet (d. Mallah 50-50)

 Streaky vs. Redwing

Ironic Marvel animals duke it out when Howard the Duck (d. Hoppy 60-40) battles Throg (d. Cosmo 63-34)

Howard vs. Throg

It’s a simian showdown between Beppo (d. Storm 60-40) and Gorilla Grodd (d. Ch’p 59-41)

Beppo vs. Grodd

Brawn versus brains as Rocket Raccoon (d. Tawky 63-37) pairs off with Detective Chimp (d. Capt. Carrot 67-33)

Rocket vs. Chimp

Worm versus reptile as Mr. Mind (d. Topo 54-46) confronts Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy (d. Titano 57-43)


Parody animals square off when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (d. Dr. Canus 79-21) take on The Spectacular Spider-Ham (d. Proty 54-46)

TMNT vs. Spider-Ham

Dog-thing versus Bat-Dog as Lockjaw (d. Lockheed 62-38) battles Ace, The Bat-Hound (d. Tufty 80-20)

Lockjaw vs. Ace

And here’s how the whole field shapes up as we prepare to whittle the field down to the Elite Eight:

The Round of 16!

As before, you will have about a week to vote. Last week I actually closed the voting late on Friday, as things had slowed down quite a bit, and I had weekend plans that would have interfered with doing this column on Sunday night. (So there’s another irregularity for Monsieur Mallah to complain about!). This week’s voting may end as soon as Friday, or it may run into the weekend. You never know with the Super-Animal Showdown!

But what is for certain is that this tournament can’t run without your votes … so vote early, and vote often, and tell your friends! This second round is going to see some beloved super-animals bite the dust. Advocate for your favorites, in the comments section below!

March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — The Round of 32!

Your comments are in, the field is set, and it is time to begin the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown.

After some spirited comments here and on Twitter, it quickly became obvious that we had more than sixteen worthy candidates for this tournament, so I have expanded the field to thirty-two super-animals, and added a week to the schedule! I also basically gave up trying to tell the difference between animals, aliens, and furries, finally admitting some to the tourney while excluding others on the very same technicalities! In the end, only cartoon characters (rather than comic book heroes) were automatically excluded.

So it goes!

Now it is up to YOU to prove that bubble-busters like Topo, Titano, and Tufty deserved to take to the floor against the tournament’s top seeds.


Here’s the first round of the March Madness Super-Animal Showdown — VOTING IS NOW OPEN!

It’s dog-eat-dog as #1 Krytpo, a Superman’s best friend, tangles with #32 Max, the Punisher’s pooch!

Krypto vs. Max

Fur flies as #16 Zabu, terror of the Savage Land, tears into #17 G’nort, the incompetent Green Lantern!

Zabu vs. G'nort

A dogfight without the dogs as #9 Streaky, Supergirl’s super cat, gets into a furball with #24 Redwing, the Falcon’s loyal falcon!

Streaky vs. Redwing

No horsing around as #8 Comet, Supergirl’s super horse, saddles up to fight #25 Monsieur Mallah, the French-talking super-ape!

Comet vs. Mallah

Trapped in a bracket he never made, #4 Howard the Duck takes on #29 Hoppy the Marvel Rabbit, the oldest of old school funny animals!

Howard vs. Hoppy

Someone is bound to croak when #13 Throg, Walt Simonson’s thunder frog, battles #20 Cosmo, the psychic Russian space dog!

Throg vs. Cosmo

Monkey business beneath the sea as #12 Beppo the Super Monkey rumbles with #21 Storm, Aquaman’s loyal seahorse!

Beppo vs. Storm

We go ape as #5 Gorilla Grodd, evil simian super-criminal, wrestles with #28 Ch’p, the Lantern with the bushy tail!

Grodd vs. Ch'p

Massive overkill in the offing as #2 Rocket Raccoon fires all his guns at once at #31 Tawky Tawny, the urbane Indian tiger-man!

Rocket vs. Tawky

I have no clue who will win between #15 Detective Chimp, world’s smartest detective (simian division) and #18 Captain Carrot, erstwhile leader of the amazing Zoo Crew!

Detective vs. Captain

Invertebrate bragging rights are on the line as #10 Mr. Mind, the evil Venusian worm, wrestles #23 Topo, Aquaman’s squirmy octopus pal!

Mind vs. Topo

It’s a match worthy of Skull Island as #7 Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy battle #26 Titano, the super-ape with the Kryptonite eyes!

Devil vs. Titano

It looks like no contest as #3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (all four of them!) pile on #30 Dr. Canus, the erudite dog doctor of Earth A.D.!

TMNT vs. Canus

We don’t know what the hell he is, but we couldn’t keep #14 Proty out of the tournament, but he will have his psuedopods full as he takes on #19 The Spectacular Spider-Ham!

Proty vs. Spider-Ham

Someone is a lock to advance to the next round as #11 Lockjaw, the Inhuman hound, wurfs it up with #22 Lockheed, Kitty Pryde’s purple dragon sidekick!

Lockjaw vs. Lockheed

It’s the masked dog Gotham needs in #6, Ace the Bat-Hound, taking on #27 Prince Tuftan, Kamandi’s tiger man friend!

Ace vs. Tufty


And here is how the whole grid shapes up!


All right … get voting for your favorites! Only one critter can survive from each contest. You have one week to cast your vote. Vote early, and comment often! Let’s hear some trash talk in the comments section, below …

… and then meet me back here next week as we advance to the Round of 16!

  • March 23: The Round of 16
  • March 30: Elite Eight
  • April 6: Final Four
  • April 13: Championship!

Tell your friends!

(and for more Super-Animal Showdown fun, be sure to check out Between The Pages Blog, for comics … and cakes! … featuring Krypto and Streaky!)

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