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Hercules #1


Capsule Review

So much fun. Writer Dan Abnett and artist Luke Ross have completed the … ahem … Herculean task of making me care about Hercules, a comics character that has always been a square peg for me. We join this Hercules at the turning of the tide, a literal anachronism, living in a rented room with his slacker pal Gilgamesh eating ceral on the couch, fighting to find a place for himself in a world overflowing with heroes. Would that there were more heroes like this Hercules, who is full of warmth and zest for life, aware of his past transgressions but not burdened by them, eager to assault the world and take on challenges big and small (in this issue answering pleas for help from kids in the neighborhood and the U.N. Secretary General with equal urgency). This issue is funny, action-packed, thoughtful, wonderfully drawn and written, and a great scene-setter. Hercules is cast as the world’s first superhero. Is he still relevant? Let’s find out! (And while I appreciate that Marvel is properly crediting creators these days, it seems a stretch to state, “Hercules Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby!”)

Approachability For New Readers

Perfect. Plays like the first episode of your next favorite TV series. Jump on.

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Sales Rank

#49 November

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Hercules #1


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