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Power Man And Iron Fist #1


Capsule Review

Nothing spectacular happens in this issue — old partners Luke Cage and Danny Rand re-team to do a solid for an old friend — but the style and heart brought to this story by creators David F. Walker and Sanford Greene makes it just as much a page-turner as the Avengers fighting space gods for the fate of the earth. The characterization and dialogue is spot-on, with Danny obviously wanting to get his old partnership back together (so much so that he makes some foolish choices), and Luke just as obviously wanting the opposite (but chaffing, just a bit, under a family he possibly feels doesn’t let him risk his neck the way he used to). Our guys chase down a MacGuffin, get in a fight, and of course get sucked into a deeper adventure that promises betrayals and twists to come. Nice to see Luke’s old foe Tombstone playing the heavy. “Heavy” might also describe Greene’s art, which leans (hard) toward caricature … but I like it. Luke’s shoulders are broad as a barn, Tombstone’s mug is a rubbery horror mask, and the toughs in Tombtone’s employ are all flattened noses and gritted teeth. Bonus points for Luke saying, “Christmas!” and for Danny having a box of Master of Kung Fu comics and some Shaw Brothers movies in his storeroom.

Approachability For New Readers

Excellent. Danny and Luke have a history together, but you needn’t know much if anything about that history to enjoy this tale.

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Sales Rank

#8 February

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Power Man And Iron Fist #1


Sweet Christmas: A Visual History of Luke Cage

It’s Christmas in May as Mo Kristiansen of We Talk Podcasts brings us an exhaustive visual history of Luke Cage!

Amazing Spider-Man #123

Mo was my podcasting godfather, so I am always on the lookout for a reason to plug his site, but this Luke Cage retrospective is especially worth your time. Mo traces the visual development of Luke from his “Power Man” days to the present era, and even includes video games, action figures, and Legos!

For such heartfelt work, the least I can do is offer Mo a plug … and I also feel a little bad for putting Luke in my list of Marvel fashion disasters over at What Culture, too. So click on over to We Talk Podcasts, and tell Mo that Longbox Graveyard sent you!

Luke Cage Gallery

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Luke Cage, Hero For Hire -- Power Man!

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