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“L” Is For …

… Legion of Super-Heroes! (1980)

I’ve tried to join the Legion several times, but always pranged off the side. The continuity is just so dense, it is like a comics hobby all by its lonesome.

But I keep trying. I come back to the Legion, every couple years, and try to get onboard with the 1980s incarnation, where I sense greatness … but where I also sense I won’t get anywhere unless I make reading it my full-time job!

If DC had a subscription service like Marvel Unlimited, you can bet I’d be all over the Legion. Instead, I’ve been reading them (very slowly) from the beginning, via some hardback collections of their first appearance in Adventure Comics. But those Silver Age stories are hard going, friend.

Get me a membership card for the Legion’s rocketship club house — at least tell a poor guy where to start! Or suggest other “L” books I should be reading, in the comments section below!

Honorable Mention:

  • Love and Rockets (1982)

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