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“J” Is For …

… Justice League of America! (1960)

And I do mean the Justice League of AMERICA … not because of any misplaced patriotism, but because for the most part the era I enjoy of this book comes from when the League was branded as such, and the franchise hadn’t spun itself out into a dozen different sub-leagues.

I prefer the wonky Silver Age Justice League, though I seem to recall some pretty tasty George Perez JLA’s from the Bronze Age, too. And sure, I like the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire League too, even if that’s the era that bade farewell to that “America” moniker.

For the most part, I was a Marvel kid growing up, but even I had to admit that the Justice League were pretty awesome. The early-70s cartoon appearances were especially reassuring to me, coming along at an age where I didn’t care if DC characters were “my father’s superheroes.” It might even have been a bonus that the JLA seemed so paternalistic. They helped me feel safe.

That’s probably why I feel nostalgic about the Justice League, even with so few Justice League books in my collection.

Write in with your own favorite “J” books, below!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Journey Into Mystery (1952)
  • Jungle Action (1972)
  • Judge Dread (1977) — yeah, it’s a cheat, but I didn’t include a numbers entry in my alphabet, and “2000 AD” would get crowded out of the “T’s!”

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