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Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — WINNER ANNOUNCED!


The Longbox Graveyard Supervillain Tournament of Evil is complete, and the winner is …


Doom Wins!

Galactus got off to an early lead in the voting, but Doom built momentum throughout the week, and ending up winning handily, 60-40.

With his victories over Red Skull, Darkseid, Joker, and finally Galactus, Doctor Doom truly proved himself the greatest supervillain of all. All four of Doom’s foes were world-class … there was no easy matchups for Doom. Despite strong competition, Doom’s average margin of victory was 47 points!

Doom is in a class by himself.

(Now, if only the movies could get him right!)

Here’s the final bracket for our tournament:

Final Bracket


Thanks to everyone who voted and commented in the tournament (and the comments section is open, below, to Praise Doom). If the fates are kind we will be back here next spring to run another tournament. Or maybe the Fall! I have an idea for a Halloween-month tournament that I might indulge …

… but for now, ALL HAIL DOOM!

Super-Villain Team-Up #14



Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!

Looks like we should have just jumped to the championship round for this tournament, sports fans … our Final Four was as devoid of drama as the preceding rounds!

The Cinderella run of #16 seed Thanos came to a screeching stop in the Final Four, as he proved no match for Galactus. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom showed the Joker that supervillainy is no laughing matter!

  • Galactus d. Thanos, 64-36
  • Doctor Doom d. Joker, 77-23

You know what that means, folks … that’s right, it’s an All-Jack-Kirby Final in the Longbox Graveyard Supervillain Tournament of EVIL!

Hail To The King!


Here’s the championship round bracket for the SUPERVILLAIN TOURNAMENT OF EVIL!


Let’s meet our challengers!

In the cosmic corner, wearing purple togs with a TV-Antenna helmet, hailing from Planet Taa by way of the Cosmic Egg, weighing in at 36,000 pounds, we have the Devourer of Worlds, the awesome, the mighty, the epicurean … GALACTUS!

Galactus by Jack Kirby

And in the despotic corner, wearing a green cloak and an iron mask, the dread sovereign of Latveria, weighing in 415 armored pounds, sorcerer, scientist, and stealer of the Power Cosmic … DOCTOR DOOM!

Doctor Doom by Jack Kirby

The referee for tonight’s match is Mister Fantastic!

Reed Richards by Jack Kirby

(pause while Galactus visibly blanches, and Doom throws up inside his mask)

The battle is joined! The outcome is in your hands!

Vote now!



Doom vs. Galactus

No Ultimate Nullifiers Allowed!


For the final time, vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And stand up for the villain of your choice in the comments section, below!)


Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — ROUND THREE!

More blowouts and beatdowns in the second round of our Supervillain Tournament of Evil! Is the lack of competition a surprise, or all part of some diabolical plan? I dunno. But once again, we had a round which went pretty much according to expectations, with only our “bottom seed” Thanos “upsetting” Loki and a big wipeout in our 4/5 matchup between Lex Luthor and Galactus coming close to raising eyebrows.

The second round results (by percentage of votes):

  • Thanos d. Loki, 59-41
  • Galactus d. Lex Luthor, 71-29
  • Joker d. Ra’s al Ghul 65-35
  • Doctor Doom d. Darkseid, 67-33

I thought that Lex Luthor would put up a better fight against Galactus, but he went down harder than anyone else this round. Maybe we are seeing Longbox Graveyard’s “Marvel bias” in action here … or maybe it wasn’t Luthor at all, but instead a robot loaded with Hate Tapes!

Dead Lex

Regardless, our Final Four is set! It’s Thanos vs. Galactus, and the Joker vs. Doctor Doom!

Here’s the latest bracket for the SUPERVILLAIN TOURNAMENT OF EVIL!



Vote now!



Thanos vs. Galactus

Deep Space Death Gods!


Joker vs. Doctor Doom

Clown Prince versus the most dreaded sovereign of them all!

As always, vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And agitate for the villain of your choice in the comments section, below!)


Happy April Fools’ Day From Longbox Graveyard!

Have a laugh … or else!

Batman Dark Detective 1

And the Joker (along with several other supervillains) still needs your vote in our Tournament of Evil. Vote now! (No foolin’!)

March Madness Supervillain Tournament Of Evil — ROUND TWO!

Blowouts and beatdowns characterized the first round of our March Madness Supervillain Tournament of Evil! In fact, if you discount the “upset” of #16 seed Thanos knocking off #1 seed Magneto, the entire round went as expected, with the top seeds triumphing easily (and in some cases spectacularly … Doctor Doom took 90% of the vote against the wretched Red Skull!).

The first round results (by percentage of votes):

  • Thanos d. Magneto, 64-36
  • Loki d. Dark Phoenix, 61-39
  • Lex Luthor d. Green Goblin, 60-40
  • Galactus d. Two-Face, 83-17
  • Joker d. Sinestro, 76-24
  • Ra’s al Ghul d. Kingpin, 58-42
  • Doctor Doom d. Red Skull, 90-10
  • Darkseid d. Catwoman, 77-23

Hopefully the second round will prove more competitive, but before we get to the match-ups, one last word about that Thanos-As-Sixteen-Seed. Remember that our initial seedings were based on IGN’s list, which certainly ranked Thanos too low. He would be a top four seed if I were doing the rankings myself. When Thanos emerged from our sixteen-villain play-in round as the “lowest” seed in the tournament, the writing was on the wall for poor Magneto … and now that Thanos has slain the master of mutant magnetism and become the tournament’s de facto top seed, you have to like the Mad Titan’s chances to run the table all the way to the final.

Thanos, like a boss

for Thanos, it is all coming together …

But these Longbox Graveyard tournaments are nothing if not unpredictable — remember when Lockjaw upset Krypto in last year’s Super-Pets competition? So let’s get on to the next round, and see if some of those sure things prove to be anything but!

Vote for ONE bad guy in each match-up below. Use whatever criteria you like — pick your favorite villain, or the guy who would win in a fight, or the guy that could beat Donald Trump in the California Primary! It is up to you! Voting concludes at a random time on Sunday, April 3rd … so get voting!


Supervillain Tournament Round 2!

Vote now!


#8 LOKI vs. #16 THANOS

Loki vs Thanos!

Trickster God versus Mister Serious!


Lex Luthor vs Galactus!

Reed Richards beat Galactus … can Lex pull off the same trick?

#2 JOKER vs. #7 RA’S AL GHUL

Joker vs Ra's Al Ghul

Batman’s arch-enemies, old and new!


Doctor Doom vs Darkseid

All-Kirby dark despot showdown!

Vote early, and vote often — and tell your friends!

(And defend your vote in the comments section, below!)


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