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Join Longbox Graveyard On Instagram!

Just a friendly reminder that I post a couple times a day to Instagram.

Longbox Graveyard On Instagram

My posts routinely draw a couple hundred likes, and usually spark some conversation. It’s a way to have daily comic book chat on small subjects that don’t always merit a full blog treatment here at Longbox Graveyard.

Longbox Graveyard On Instagram

Come join me!


Halloween Hurricane!

It’s Halloween Month here at Longbox Graveyard, and the thematic horror take-over of my blog is proceeding apace!

Longbox Graveyard on Flickr

Regular readers will have already experienced some of my recent Halloween content, and especially sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed a new seasonal background pattern here at the blog.

Longbox Graveyard on Instagram

The celebration continues on Instagram, where I am posting a couple horror-related images each day, both from my own image collections, and from other Instagram feeds of interest …

Longbox Graveyard on Instagram

And those images are even mirrored over to Flickr, but I have to confess … I’ve forgotten my login for that site, and I’m not even clear on how I’m still posting over there. It’s like a ghost ship! Spooky!

Longbox Graveyard on Flickr

But you are still welcome to join me on Flickr (and especially Instagram!) And I’ll continue to see you here all month for Longbox Graveyard Halloween horrors!

Longbox Graveyard Is Pinteresting!

Regular Longbox Graveyard readers know that I’ve been “fighting a one-geek war against handbags and hairstyles on Pinterest” for some time now … I’ve blogged about Pinterest, and how I use it in conjunction with Instagram; I promote my Pinterest boards twice a week here at the blog; and Pinterest Gallery references also frequently appear in my Twitter feed.


While Pinterest culture is primarily focused on fashion, celebrities, and food, I use the site entirely for comic books, and over time, I’ve built up a library of over 5000 images at Pinterest, with better than 3000 followers. I guess Pinterest took notice, because they’ve featured me with a “Pinterview” today!

This is kind of a big deal. Pinterest is one of the top 30-odd sites in the world. It remains to be seen if this feature generates additional follows for me at Pinterest or more traffic for Longbox Graveyard, but no matter the result, it is flattering to receive spotlight attention from Pinterest.

Longbox Graveyard Pinterview

For those who don’t know, Pinterest is an image-sharing social network. A web applet allows you to “pin” images you find on the internet to your own “boards” — those boards are then visible to other members of the service. You can browse other user’s boards, “repin” their content to your own boards, and comment on each other’s pins. Clicking on a pin will direct you to the source of the image.

Longbox Graveyard On Pinterest

I use Pinterest to warehouse the images I use here at Longbox Graveyard. For instance, my “Clobberin’ Time” Panel Gallery from last Wednesday already has it’s own pinboard. I also have general boards devoted to specific characters, such as this Batman board — which was colonized with images from the reviews I’ve done on the Gene Colan and Marshall Rogers eras of that book — but has grown to be a far more wide-ranging collection of Batman art I’ve found around the web.

Batman On Pinterest

You can check out all of my Longbox Graveyard Pinterest boards HERE, and you can read Pinterest’s very flattering profile of Longbox Graveyard HERE.

Thanks to Pinterest for honoring Longbox Graveyard!

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