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Extraordinary X-Men #1


Capsule Review

Top-shelf work from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Humberto Ramos, with a special Longbox Graveyard commendation to colorist Edgar Delgado, who really made these big pages come alive (the two-page spread of Colossus working his Russian farm stopped me dead). An endearing strength of the X-Men is how the core concept can stand up to almost all narrative violence. Here the X-Men are assembling a new team in a world even more threatening than before, where Terrigen mist is killing and sterilizing mutants, and the unspecified past sins of an absent Cyclops have once again turned the world against our heroes. Professor X is seen only as a ghost, Jean Grey is a teenager, Wolverine is an old man … but it all works, in its crazy way, and I am encouraged to see the core membership of this team draws on the most iconic characters of X-Men past. Yes, it is a bit of a jumble, but beneath it all the X-Men are still the X-Men — characters you recognize, fighting the good fight against intolerance, striking from the shadows and feeling like the world is collapsing in on them. Love it!

Approachability For New Readers

As good as it ever gets with the X-Men, which is to say, “not very.” Working out past histories and relationships is part-and-parcel of the X-Men experience, and this book is no exception. But this is a good jumping-on point — a new status quo is explained, a new team is mustered, and there are enough familiar faces from movies and comics past that even brand new readers will find something to latch onto.

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(#5 November)

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Extraordinary X-Men #1


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