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Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Holy Terror

Just when you’d forgotten about Frank Miller’s 2011 misstep …

Holy Terror

For the fourth Longbox Graveyard Podcast, I settled in with my son, Miles, to discuss Frank Miller’s Holy Terror. Trying to get Miles to read comic books has been one of the subplots of Longbox Graveyard, and for the most part, my efforts here have been a failure. He will sometimes consent to read a Walking Dead, or Kick-Ass, but that’s about it … save for Frank Miller’s Sin City. I haven’t been able to walk Miles onto Miller’s Daredevil or Dark Knight Returns, but I did get him Holy Terror, as a means of continuing my relentless comic book advocacy.

Our discussion proved not to be a review of Holy Terror so much as it was an exploration of what it’s been like for Miles to grow up in the shadow of 9/11, and how Miller’s work did (or did not) address Miles’ anxieties about what can sometimes be a very scary world.

This is a long podcast, but it is among my favorites … Miles is a cool kid, and it was great to share this time with him.

Click here to listen!

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