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The Haunted Tank!

Another not-so-mysterious package arrived at Longbox Graveyard Secret Headquarters a couple weeks ago. I know full well what is within, but I like to fool myself sometimes.

mysterious package

And within … a book!

Ah Ha!

Not just any book … a book where I wrote a chapter! I wrote a scholarly article about the Haunted Tank because … because … well, just because.

An excerpt:

Horrors of War excerpt

It was very nice to be a part of this project, which explores the meaning and significance of supernatural war stories in literature, film, and (lucky for me!) comic-books. The creator biographies read like an alphabet soup of PhDs and MfAs and BMOCs and then there is little old me — video game designer, sometime comic book writer, and full-time master of the Longbox Graveyard!

Horrors of War

To celebrate, I had my good pal Farzad Varahramyan cook up a bit of Photoshop magic of your’s truly holding his copy of the book …

Paul O'Connor & the Haunted Tank!

Horrors of War is available on Amazon.


Cover Gallery: Russ Heath At War!

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