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Happy Halloween From Longbox Graveyard

Celebrating this blog’s favorite holiday with this wonderful piece from Bruce Timm!

Lee by Timm

Enjoy your holiday … and see you again later this week as Longbox Graveyard at last lurches from the grave with a Doctor Strange-focused installment of Super-Blog Team-Up!


Happy Halloween From Longbox Graveyard!

Longbox Graveyard’s Halloween Month concludes with one of the few autographs I’ve ever sought!

Bruce Campbell

This photo was autographed for my wife and I by the great Bruce Campbell on the set of Army of Darkness … because we AXED for it!

Hail To The King, Baby!

(And Happy Halloween!)

Monster Mash

Halloween Month is nearly complete here at Longbox Graveyard, but there is still time to enjoy a monster mash of horror comics goodness before the big night!

The month kicked off with my review of Afterlife With Archie, but that was only the most recent time I’ve written about horror comics. I’ve also enthused about Tomb of Dracula (twice!) …

Tomb of Dracula #26

… the classic Wein & Wrightson era of Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing #4, Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson

… and I walked with the Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead Are Here To Stay (For One More Season, At Least)

I also paid homage to Godzilla, the King of the Monsters; examined the very monstrous Martians of Killraven’s War of the Worlds; and even reflected a bit about the time I got to write a couple issues about Rune, the Malibu Ultraverse vampire Prince of Void!

P. Craig Russell & Don McGregor, Amazing Adventures #29

And don’t forget my horror and science fiction-themed Pinterest Galleries: Tomb of Dracula, Swamp Thing, Mars Attacks, Science Fiction Pulp, Killraven, Ghost Rider, Monsters, Famous Monsters of Filmland, The Spectre, Godzilla, Monster Comics Covers, Hammer Horror, and Universal Movie Monsters!

Enjoy your Halloween!

Halloween ComicFest

Diamond Distributors kindly keeps me on their mailing list — and it is Halloween Month here at Longbox Graveyard — so the least I can do is remind you that today is Halloween ComicFest!

Halloween ComicFest

Visit their site for details … and check out their Comic Shop Locator to see if there the event is supported in your area!

And when you go to the shop, consider buying some Halloween mini-comics to hand out, instead of candy …

Tell them Longbox Graveyard sent you (and then be prepared for when they answer like an owl).

Universal Movie Monsters Gallery

Halloween Month continues at Longbox Graveyard

Visit my Universal Movie Monsters Gallery on Pinterest!

Monster & Bride, by Mike Mignola


(View all Longbox Graveyard Pinterest Galleries HERE).

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