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Merry Christmas From Longbox Graveyard!

Christmas With The Superheroes

Wearing shorts for the Christmas portrait in the snow? Now that’s dedication!

Happy Holidays, all!


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DC Comics For Sale!

Longbox Graveyard is moving to a new and smaller house, and that means it is time to offer up comics comics to my loyal readers! I will be spotlighting the comics I have for sale all week here at the blog, and you can always check the latest sale list at my (Almost) Free Comics page.

Today I’m listing my DC books for sale (with Marvel and independent titles to follow later this week). All books are from my collection, individually bagged and boarded. I’d rate most books as “mid-grade,” with pre-1980 books a point or two worse, and the most recent books in the collection quite a bit better. I’ve taken good care of my books and I expect you will be satisfied with the condition, but if you are in any way disappointed with your purchase, just let me know and I will make it right.

Where prices are listed below, they may be considered suggestions rather than firm, and I offer discounts for large purchases. In fact, at this point I far prefer selling in bulk rather than an issue here or an issue there. Come take advantage of me! If no price is listed, just let me know of your interest and I will give you a number.

Email me with your interests! I will charge exact postage, and have been known to slip a couple freebies in your box when it doesn’t inflate the postal charge …


1st Issue Special 11

Action Comics, Vol. 1 440 $3.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 455 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 456 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 457 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 458 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 464 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 473 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 475 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 549 $2.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 584 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 585 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 586 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 587 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 588 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 589 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 590 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 591A $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 592 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 593 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 594 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 595 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 596 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 597 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 598 $1.00
Action Comics, Vol. 1 599 $1.00

Action Comics, Vol. 1 Annual 1 $1.00

The Adventures of Superman 424 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 425 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 426 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 427 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 428 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 429 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 430 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 431 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 432 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 433 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 434 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 435 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 436 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 437 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 438 $1.00
The Adventures of Superman 439 $1.00

The Adventures of Superman Annual 1 $1.00

Batman #298

Batman Annual 11 $5.00

Batman Special 1 $2.00

Batman, Vol. 1 298 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 328 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 340 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 341 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 342 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 343 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 344 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 352 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 354 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 355 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 356 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 357 $10.00
Batman, Vol. 1 358 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 359 $5.00
Batman, Vol. 1 360 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 361 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 362 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 363 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 364 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 365 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 366 $8.00
Batman, Vol. 1 367 $5.00
Batman, Vol. 1 368 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 369 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 370 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 371 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 372 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 373 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 374 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 375 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 376 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 377 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 378 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 379 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 380 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 381 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 382 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 383 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 384 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 385 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 386 $7.00
Batman, Vol. 1 387 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 388 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 389 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 390 $2.00
Batman, Vol. 1 392 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 393 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 394 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 395 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 396 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 397A $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 398A $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 399 $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 400 $20.00
Batman, Vol. 1 401A $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 402A $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 403A $4.00
Batman, Vol. 1 408 $10.00
Batman, Vol. 1 409A $10.00
Batman, Vol. 1 410 $10.00
Batman, Vol. 1 411 $3.00
Batman, Vol. 1 415 $10.00
Batman, Vol. 1 424 $10.00

Batman: Family, Vol. 1 13 $6.00

Blackhawk, Vol. 1 271

Blackhawk, Vol. 2 1
Blackhawk, Vol. 2 2

Blue Beetle, Vol. 7 (1986-1988) 1
Blue Beetle, Vol. 7 (1986-1988) 2

The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1 187

Captain Atom, Vol. 1 7

Challengers of the Unknown, Vol. 1 81
Challengers of the Unknown, Vol. 1 82

Chase 1
Chase 2
Chase 3
Chase 4
Chase 5
Chase 6
Chase 7
Chase 8
Chase 9

Claw: The Unconquered, Vol. 1 10

Crimson Avenger 1

DC Retroactive: Batman: The 70s 1

Deadman, Vol. 2 1

Detective Comics, Vol. 1 526B $5.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 527 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 528 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 529 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 530 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 531 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 532 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 533 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 534 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 535 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 536 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 537 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 538 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 539 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 540 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 541 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 542 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 543 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 544 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 545 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 546 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 547 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 548 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 549 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 550 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 551 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 552 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 553 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 554 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 555 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 556 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 557 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 558 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 559 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 560 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 561 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 562 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 563 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 564 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 565 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 566 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 567 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 568 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 569 $5.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 570 $5.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 571 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 572 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 573 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 574 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 575 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 576 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 577 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 578 $3.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 579 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 580 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 581 $2.00
Detective Comics, Vol. 1 582 $2.00

Dr. Fate, Vol. 1 1
Dr. Fate, Vol. 1 2
Dr. Fate, Vol. 1 3
Dr. Fate, Vol. 1 4

Flash #239

Flash, Vol. 1 239 $4.00

Flash, Vol. 2 1 $4.00
Flash, Vol. 2 2 $3.00
Flash, Vol. 2 3 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 4 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 5 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 6 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 7 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 8 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 9 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 10 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 11 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 12 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 13 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 14 $2.00
Flash, Vol. 2 92 $7.00
Flash, Vol. 2 94A $2.00

Flash, Vol. 2 Annual 1A $2.00

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters 1A $3.00
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters 2 $2.00

Green Lantern / Green Arrow 1
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 2
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 3
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 4
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 5
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 6
Green Lantern / Green Arrow 7

Heroes Against Hunger 1

Immortal Doctor Fate 1

Jemm: Son of Saturn 1
Jemm: Son of Saturn 2

JLA 16 $1.00

JLA: Year One 1A $1.00

Justice League Europe / International 65 $1.00

Justice League International / America 1A $1.00
Justice League International / America 2 $1.00
Justice League International / America 3A $1.00
Justice League International / America 4 $1.00
Justice League International / America 5A $1.00
Justice League International / America 6 $1.00
Justice League International / America 7 $1.00
Justice League International / America 30 $1.00
Justice League International / America 31 $1.00
Justice League International / America 88 $1.00
Justice League International / America 89 $1.00

Justice League International / America Annual 1 $1.00

Justice League of America Annual 2 $1.00

Justice League of America, Vol. 1 127 $5.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 128 $5.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 129 $5.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 130 $5.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 145 $4.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 146 $4.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 147 $4.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 153 $4.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 194 $2.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 196 $2.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 211 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 212 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 214 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 217 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 220 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 221 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 222 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 223 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 224 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 225 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 226 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 227 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 228 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 229 $1.00
Justice League of America, Vol. 1 230 $1.00

Justice League Task Force 13 $1.00

Justice League #1

Karate Kid 10

Last Days of the Justice Society of America 1

Legends 1
Legends 2
Legends 3
Legends 4
Legends 5
Legends 6

Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 305 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 306 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 307 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 308 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 309 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 310 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 311 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 312 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2 313 $1.00

Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 1 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 30 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 31 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 32 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 34 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 35 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 36 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 37 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 38 $1.00
Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3 45 $1.00

Lords of the Ultra Realm 1
Lords of the Ultra Realm 2

The Man of Steel 1B $1.00
The Man of Steel 2A $1.00
The Man of Steel 3A $1.00
The Man of Steel 4A $1.00
The Man of Steel 5A $1.00
The Man of Steel 6A $1.00

Metal Men, Vol. 1 52

Nathaniel Dusk I 1
Nathaniel Dusk I 2
Nathaniel Dusk I 3
Nathaniel Dusk I 4

Nathaniel Dusk II 1
Nathaniel Dusk II 2
Nathaniel Dusk II 3
Nathaniel Dusk II 4

New Gods, Vol. 4 1

The Omega Men, Vol. 1 7

The Phantom, Vol. 1 1

The Question, Vol. 1 1 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 2 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 3 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 4 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 5 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 6 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 7 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 8 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 9 $1.00
The Question, Vol. 1 10 $1.00

Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter 16

Shade the Changing Man, Vol. 1 1
Shade the Changing Man, Vol. 1 2
Shade the Changing Man, Vol. 1 6

Shadow, Vol. 3 1
Shadow, Vol. 3 2
Shadow, Vol. 3 3
Shadow, Vol. 3 4
Shadow, Vol. 3 5
Shadow, Vol. 3 6
Shadow, Vol. 3 7
Shadow, Vol. 3 8
Shadow, Vol. 3 9
Shadow, Vol. 3 10
Shadow, Vol. 3 11
Shadow, Vol. 3 12

Shadow, Vol. 3 Annual 1

Showcase 94

Showcase ’95 12

Silverblade 1

Starfire 5
Starfire 7
Starfire 8

Suicide Squad #1

Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 1
Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 2
Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 3
Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 4
Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 5
Suicide Squad, Vol. 1 7

Superboy, Vol. 1 214
Superboy, Vol. 1 215
Superboy, Vol. 1 216
Superboy, Vol. 1 229
Superboy, Vol. 1 230
Superboy, Vol. 1 231
Superboy, Vol. 1 232

Superboy, Vol. 3 7

Superman for All Seasons 1 $2.00
Superman for All Seasons 2 $2.00
Superman for All Seasons 3 $2.00
Superman for All Seasons 4 $2.00

Superman Forever 1A $2.00

Superman, Vol. 1 295 $3.00
Superman, Vol. 1 296 $3.00
Superman, Vol. 1 297 $3.00
Superman, Vol. 1 298 $3.00
Superman, Vol. 1 299 $3.00
Superman, Vol. 1 300 $8.00
Superman, Vol. 1 301 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 302 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 303 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 304 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 305 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 306 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 307 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 314 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 315 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 316 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 322A $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 381 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 1 385 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 1 389 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 1 398 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 1 400 $2.00
Superman, Vol. 1 412 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 1 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 2 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 3 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 4 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 5 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 6 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 7 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 8 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 9 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 10 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 11 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 12 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 13 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 14 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 15 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 16 $1.00
Superman, Vol. 2 22 $1.00

Superman, Vol. 2 Annual 1 $1.00

Sword of Sorcery, Vol. 1 1 $6.00
Sword of Sorcery, Vol. 1 2 $4.00
Sword of Sorcery, Vol. 1 3 $4.00
Sword of Sorcery, Vol. 1 4 $3.00

The System 1
The System 2
The System 3

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes 314

Tarzan, Vol. 1 248
Tarzan, Vol. 1 255

Teen Titans, Vol. 1 49
Teen Titans, Vol. 1 50

Unexpected, Vol. 1 129

Warlord, Vol. 1 8
Warlord, Vol. 1 9
Warlord, Vol. 1 10
Warlord, Vol. 1 12

Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 1 n/c

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 234
Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 319

Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 1A
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 2
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 3
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 4
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 5
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 101
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 102
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 103
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 104
Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 182

Wonder Woman #1

World’s Finest Comics 225
World’s Finest Comics 235
World’s Finest Comics 236
World’s Finest Comics 237

Worlds’ Finest 1A

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All This And World War Too!

Longbox Graveyard #135

It is always a happy day when guest columnist Dean Compton graces the pages of Longbox Graveyard! This time, Dean reveals his deep affection for a series he and I both admire — Roy Thomas’ All-Star Squadron. I previously wrote about Thomas’ reverence for the past through his creation of this book; now, Dean takes a deep dive into what made this series so special for him. Welcome back, Dean!

When I was a very young man, nothing was as exciting to me as this set of 1965 World Book encyclopedias that we had in the house. One of, if not the first, things I ever read was the machine gun article in the World Book. I read anything and everything in each one of them, but my favorite article had to be the one on World War II. I loved everything about it. I loved the sections on how the 1930’s led up to the war, the rise of totalitarianism, the rationing of goods in the US, but the thing I loved most was the section with the maps detailing the expansion and then retraction of the German and Japanese empires. Speaking of, how awesome and wrong is the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” as a name for their empire? I mean, obviously this empire was awful for everyone it conquered and oppressed, but that is a bad ass name. The fact that the name completely belies the negative impact of the Fascist Japanese Empire somehow makes it sound even cooler.

I promise, though, this isn’t an article about how great the Japanese Empire was. I’m an ardent antifascist, and therein lay my utter fascination with the Second World War. Many wars are useless and only fought to line the pockets of the elite. World War II certainly is not bereft of profit incentives, but this was truly a war against the fascist countries of that era that needed to be fought, lest their reach envelop the planet.

So when I walked into the flea market when I was in 2nd grade and saw All-Star Squadron comics in longbox after glorious longbox, I was immediately enchanted by the notion that these masked men were the heroes of World War II. I tried to get a few, but I was not allowed to have comics that day for some reason, and those heroes were forgotten until 1992 …

Justice Society!

is Sandman trying to put that monster to sleep? How will that work? Also, why is Flash running away?

I fell in love with the Justice Society of America the instant I learned of them. When I first laid eyes on them, I was confused and excited. Not unlike the first time I first time I kissed a girl, but there was decidedly less Justice Society involved with that.

I knew who Green Lantern and Flash were, and I could tell that these guys were similar, but they couldn’t be Green Lantern and Flash could they?

Indeed, they could be. I was astonished and excited as the entire history of the DC Universe lay before me. I wanted to know more and more, and I soaked up information via all sorts of paradigms. I used cards, I asked my friends, and I bugged our local morning DJ, Ben Johnson, who I had somehow struck up a friendship with, about it. He had revealed he was a huge comic book fan, and he was always willing to answer a question or two when he had the time.

(He really went out of his way to help sate my curiosity, and I think that those of us entranced by the allure of the comic book could learn a great deal from Ben, as that is how you make fans. Too often, we become annoyed at those who know less than us instead of taking questions as a sign of interest. Let’s try and make, not break, fans.)

Now that that public service announcement is over, I reckon we can get back to All-Star Squadron. Ben told me of the JSA and the All-Star Squadron after I saw the above comic and because of memories of the WWII comics I had seen at the flea market. He explained how the DC Universe had once been a multiverse, and in this multiverse the heroes of the Justice Society of America lived on Earth-2. They had their glory days in WWII, and they had aged, while the heroes of Earth-1 were the heroes that I knew.

So since they came first, why did the Justice Society and the Earth-2 gang simply allow themselves to be Earth-2? Why wasn’t there a huge rumble over this? Maybe someone knows, but I do know that we have crossovers now for much less of a reason. Who would not have wanted to see an all-out fight between the JSA and the JLA? Some jerky hater, that’s who. I would never accept just being second best, so I am unsure why the GOLDEN AGE SUPERMAN did.

One day after talking with Ben extensively about the JSA, I sauntered into the flea market, and I was greeted by a 25-CENT BOX of All-Star Squadron! Chock full! Is there any set of syllables more heavenly to comic book fans than 25-CENT BOX? What if you found this fantastic Rich Buckler cover in one? Would you be even more jealous of me than you already are?

All-Star Squadron!

the Idea that The Atom is deciding Superman’s fate in a team is hilarious. “Gee, I dunno if he cuts it” said the short guy in really good shape about a veritable God.

The answer would indeed astound me, as while the JSA plays a prominent role, they aren’t necessarily the stars of All-Star Squadron. Roy Thomas, the greatest writer of Golden Age characters who didn’t write them in the Golden Age, took this chance to shine a light on a few of the lesser known superheroes of the Second World War, and I thank him for it. This series is good, and his love and reverence for the characters always shines through, even in the waning issues of the series where it was basically eviscerated by Crisis on Infinite Earths, when post-Crisis continuity altered the DC Universe drastically. Now Thomas would no longer be allowed to play with Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and more. This changed almost the entire framework upon which the All-Star Squadron was built, and so it quietly faded away, with the last few issues being origin stories of the group.

But Bloody Hell, I am getting ahead of myself! You don’t even know who is in the group that disbanded yet! Well, wait no longer!

All-Star Squadron!


Look at that lineup! Johnny Quick! Robotman! Firebrand! Shining Knight! Liberty Belle! Hawkgirl! And The Atom returns for this mission here! The Squadron would serve on the home front for the war, because the JSA disbanded and enlisted. Of course, JSA guys are always hanging around, getting special permission from FDR, who along with Churchill, makes copious appearances in the book, to assist when their special abilities as superheroes (or Mystery Men, as they were called at this time) are needed more than their skills as soldiers in the armed forces. Other folks would filter in and out of the All-Star Squadron, and over time, it seemed that any character even loosely associated with the DC Universe circa WWII would meander their way into the book. It would take me awhile to find that out, though, because …

There was a large gap in issues available at the flea market. I was almost always trying to piece together the collection the same way someone tries to piece together a document they accidentally shredded: painstakingly, tediously, and annoyingly. I’d get a # 7 here, a #46 here, but it was always difficult to put together runs. I do recall lots of issues jumping out at me, though, like one featuring Robotman on trial. Not much more exciting than the meeting of a Robot with a human brain and the US JUSTICE SYSTEM!

All-Star Squadron!

guilty of being a robot? A monster? The law sure was different in the 40’s.

My favorite surprise though had to be the introduction of Infinity Inc., a superhero team comprised of the progeny of the Justice Society of America! They went back in time to help the JSA and the All-Star Squadron after they had been completely overwhelmed by the machinations of the Ultra-Humanite (a very underrated super-villain if you ask me, and since you are reading this you sort of did), who was assisted by his (some unwilling) henchmen, Deathbolt, Cyclotron, and Amazing Man! If you don’t believe me, scope this ragtag team tossed together to save the day after heavyweights like the Golden Age Superman were taken down!

All-Star Squadron!

how long did they have to practice to get that in unison?

The work on this is amazing. If you think of this as a baseball lineup, it may not be murderer’s row, but it has to be one of the more formidable lineups. Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler (Deathlok creator), Jerry Ordway, and Todd McFarlane all had great runs, and watching Jerry Ordway grow in particular is very fun to me. The talent gets a bit sparser later in the run, but it never gets lackluster. The work is always solid, and you never know what is going to happen.

This was almost a primer for neophyte comics fans like I was. There was always a sense of history and (good) continuity in All-Star Squadron. Thomas was excellent at simultaneously showing and telling the history of the JSA/Squadron, and he also excelled at demonstrating why said history was important. Of course, he also managed to drop in little forgotten nuggets here and yon among the way, like when he taught a 14-year-old young man who the Seven Soldiers of Victory were …

All-Star Squadron!

if your team doesn’t have a cowboy, how can it possibly be as cool as the Seven Soldiers of Victory? I’m looking at you, every other superhero team except The Avengers.

The Seven Soldiers of Victory touched my heart, and to this day, Green Arrow, the leader of the team, remains my second favorite superhero. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch the episode “Patriot Act” from Justice League Unlimited. It features the Seven Soldiers, and it does a great job displaying just what makes them so courageous.

Roy Thomas also looked at the racial inequality of the era, sometimes with more success than others. He did a great job introducing us to the African-American Amazing Man, who I instantly loved, and who was a decent influence on me. I grew up in a small Arkansas town that was 97% white, so I had very little interaction with folks of African-American descent. Luckily, though, I was surrounded by racists who made up things about black people so I could have NO IDEA what reality was like. Thanks! On a genuinely lucky level though, I was able to see some culture that refuted such notions. One place was here, and another place was the great Milestone imprint. I am sure I would have seen past that bigotry sooner rather than later, but comics helped me see past it that much sooner.

Roy Thomas also used real world events in the All-Star Squadron in relation to race. For instance, they did a whole storyline about the Detroit Race Riots that occurred during WWII, which is an event glossed over in our history.

All-Star Squadron!

wow, that whip isn’t overkill or anything

And as you see, here is where the mistakes lie. The attempt to not be racist almost has more racist overtones as we see a guy in a KKK mask whipping a black man. I get what we are going for here, but it is a little off-putting. However, a little off-putting is nothing compared to how Japanese villains were treated.

All-Star Squadron!

the villains look like castoffs from the 80’s cartoon, Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

Sumo the Samurai? COME ON MAN! That was unacceptable then and now. Roy just put two things together that happen to be Japanese terms. Why not, “Fuji the Ninja”? or, “Rice the Shogun”? This was just awful. Also awful was a subplot where Firebrand becomes racist against Japanese people because her brother (the original Firebrand) was seriously hurt at Pearl Harbor. She then carries resentment toward Japan until talking to her brother, who tells her that he was saved at Pearl Harbor … by a Japanese-American! I wish hackneyed would describe that properly. Conversely though, Roy Thomas does a good job with Tsunami, whose parents and family are being shipped off to internment camps. It was a different time, and even though I don’t feel like he always made contact on racial issues, I appreciate Roy Thomas here at least stepping to the plate.

I also appreciate the appearance of Captain Marvel, the one true Captain Marvel, (little jab there Paul!). If you haven’t seen my piece on him right here at Longbox Graveyard, take a look here. I am a huge Captain Marvel fan, and I first got to see a possessed Captain Marvel going toe to toe with the Golden Age Superman right here in the pages of All-Star Squadron. I think it is the only time in my life I have ever rooted for anyone even tangentially associated with Nazis; that’s how much I wanted the World’s Mightiest Mortal to defeat Superman.

All-Star Squadron!

I look at that zeppelin in the background and I seriously wish we still flew in those

I think most All-Star Squadron and JSA fans think the best moment of the series, though, was the massive roll call that took place in issue #31. Nearly every WWII Mystery Man was there. I recall getting my hands on this issue and just swooning. There was so much history on these pages and just so much fun. I wanted to go back to WWII and somehow be a part of this gathering that never actually existed. These pages also reflect Roy Thomas’s love for this era and these characters. I don’t think he leaves any out except for in-story reasons, including both the Quality Comics and DC Comics versions of Manhunter, two different characters who were created by two different companies in 40’s at the same time, and he also manages to start easing the idea of the multiverse affecting Earth-2 in long lasting ways here, as several of the folks at this meeting would leave Earth-2 to go to Earth-X to fight on a world where the Nazis won the Second World War! They also tangled with Baron Blitzkrieg there, who is one of the most awesome looking villains of all time.

All-Star Squadron!

I wish I knew what side of WWII that guy was on

No article on All-Star Squadron would be complete without a look at what many folks believe to be the finest issue in All-Star Squadron history! All-Star Squadron #20 featured the villain Brainwave. Using his vast mental might, he enslaved the JSA and was killing them mentally. He made them believe that they were pitted against scenarios where they failed, and if he got them all to believe …they’d die. Of course, one member of the JSA just had too much willpower to give up …

All-Star Squadron!

The cover is haunting, yes, but so is what occurs inside. They all face their fears and fail, but none fail so horrifically as Green Lantern. He becomes so enraged that he massacres the entire Japanese population.

All-Star Squadron!

Green Lantern has caused a holocaust, and nearly allows himself to succumb, but the other JSAers and members of the All-Star squadron are able to reach out to him and encourage him not to give up. And once Green Lantern finds his willpower, it’s like Uma Thurman when she was stuck in the coffin in Kill Bill Vol. 2 — there will be no stopping him, regardless of what must break!

But now as promised, the greatest moment in All-Star Squadron history …

All-Star Squadron!

All-Star Squadron!

All-Star Squadron!

no snarky joke here … too in awe …

The series went downhill from here. The artists, while not bad, just were never in the league of Buckler, Ordway, or McFarlane. That’s no knock on them; very few artists are that good. And no matter who was drawing the book, this book could not have survived the paradigm shift that was Crisis on Infinite Earths. Without being able to be secluded with its own variants of the DC powerhouses, All-Star Squadron faded out after the Crisis. It did give some of the best moments of the Crisis that did not occur in the main series, such as this cover, which is my favorite of the entire run.

All-Star Squadron!

Robotman’s look of horror at the idea of Superman fighting the Monster Society of Evil alone makes him look like a creepy Drama Mask robot

There are probably better covers, but this is my favorite. This is also one of the last times we’d see the Golden Age Superman until 2005 when that aberration known as Infinite Crisis did its best to destroy everything everyone ever loved about comics; of course, in comparison to Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis looks like Fantastic Four #1-100.

Paul and I talked about All-Star Squadron before, and he mentioned that it had a real Silver Age vibe. After re-reading all of this, I must agree. Roy Thomas, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, kept a Silver Age book going all the way into the mid 1980’s with this one. While the Silver Age itself was long gone by the time even the first issue of All-Star Squadron saw print, I think one could make a fairly strong argument that it was the last Silver Age book that existed. While the Silver Age was long dead, All-Star Squadron continued, like the light we see here on Earth from stars that have gone out years prior. Thanks to Roy Thomas, the star that was Earth-2 provided light for us all to enjoy just a little longer.

All-Star Squadron!

thanks for not going gently into that good night gentlemen

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Bustin’ Loose,
Dean Compton

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For Sale Friday: Atari Force!

Welcome to another For Sale Friday! Last week I offered up my Blue Devil collection for sale, and this week, it’s Atari Force!

Atari Force

The product of an odd bit of mid-1980s corporate synergy, Atari Force was an original science fiction epic loosely connected to Atari’s various video game brands. Author Gerry Conway saw the book as license to write star-faring space opera, while artist José Luis García-López offered beautiful pencils for most of the first dozen issues.


The lot I have on offer is Atari Force #1-12. All books are individually bagged and boarded, and in mid-grade condition or better. Your price for this lot is $15.00, plus postage (U.S. addresses only, please). I will charge you exact postage based on destination — the lot will weigh about two pounds and ship from zip code 92078 in case you would like to log onto and run some scenarios.

Atari Force

If you’d like these comics for your very own, write me — longboxgraveyard (at) gmail (dot) com — and we will work out the details. Think of it as a way of supporting Longbox Graveyard while filling out your own collection with some cool comics!

Atari Force


See you back here next week for another For Sale Friday … and in the meantime, please be sure to check my individual comics issues for sale, and my eBay auctions, too!


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