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Invincible Iron Man #1


Capsule Review

Superior art! Justin Ponsor’s colors are particularly nice, luxuriously illuminating Tony Stark’s after-midnight Manhattan penthouse world. David Marquez can draw subtle changes of expression and so he holds up to Brian Michael Bendis’ parades of talking-heads-in-boxes. Panel sequences on some of the two-page spreads are hard to follow. As is common with Bendis books, the characterization and dialogue is strong, while the plot moves at a … languid … pace. Limited action. Nice reveal at the end. The new armor design is a snore.

Approachability For New Readers

Good! If you know Tony Stark from a comic or a movie or a cartoon, you will be instantly up-to-speed.

Read #2?

Yes. Iron thumbs up!

Sales Rank

#1 October

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Invincible Iron Man #1

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