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All-New Wolverine #1


Capsule Review

Since the original Wolverine is dead … or maybe just old … we get this all-new and all-female Wolverine. And I like her. X-23, the female clone of Wolverine, has been kicking around the Marvel Universe for a decade, so having her slide into Wolverine’s costume as the title character of this relaunch is not the gender-bending stunt it might first appear. Laura Kinney — X-23 — might be the most emotionally damaged character in Marvel’s stable, but this is not nearly so dark a tale as past X-23 stories (at least not yet). Abused as she has been, it will take time and understanding for Laura to learn to trust and love, and this issue goes there, too, with Laura’s partner and would-be lover reduced to lightly patting her on the head to show his affection, that being the only place on her body not in agony as Laura’s regeneration knits her back together after another in a serious of hideous calamities. Art from David Lopez and David Navarrot is a little sketchy in places, but tight when it counts, with good storytelling and good facial expressions. Tom Taylor’s script is a deft combination of action and effortless exposition. The reveal of the bad guy packs an emotional wallop. I’m in!

Approachability For New Readers

Not bad. Our hero’s clone origins aren’t explained, and we aren’t told much about the why of Laura replacing the original Wolverine, but a four-page flashback conversation with Logan nicely sets up the relationship between those characters, showing how they are similar, and how Laura can (hopefully) prove to be different.

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Sales Rank

#10 November

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All-New Wolverine #1

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