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The Buscema Slouch

The Buscema Slouch!

I have a one-shot column published at Comicosity this week, looking at a signature pose from one of the all-time great superhero artists. Yes, it’s the Buscema Slouch!

Silver Surfer #4, John Buscema

This article looks at the many ways and places John Buscema used the storytelling shorthand of a character slouching on a throne in his work. Check it out … and while you are there, be sure to explore the rest of Comicosity, one of my favorite comics sites!

Thanks to Comicosity for spotlighting The Buscema Slouch!

(And join me here tomorrow at Longbox Graveyard, when I look at another comic book master — Jack Kirby!)


Face-To-Face With … The Lizard!

Face-To-Face With … The Lizard!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s appreciation of The Amazing Spider-Man here at Longbox Graveyard comes my second Dollar Box columnplease head on over to to read my review of Amazing Spider-Man #6 — “Face-To-Face With … The Lizard!

And as a special bonus this Thursday, my friends at have honored me with a “Ten Tweets Thursday” interview … check it out HERE, then stick around to explore the site, which offers insightful reviews of current books and also some thoughtful commentary on the comic book field, including this recent appraisal of the state of female lead characters in comics.

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