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Captain America: Sam Wilson #1


Capsule Review

Wings-and-a-shield is … not a great look. But this book as a whole looks just great. Artist Daniel Acuña strikes a middle ground between comic book and cartoonist style, resulting in serviceable action and superior facial expressions for a score of characters who are all unique and full of personality. The colors — which I assume Acuña did himself — are also light, nuanced, and inviting. Writer Nick Spencer gives us a Sam Wilson who adheres to his social worker roots by sticking up for the little guy, adeptly pitting him against the racist Sons of the Serpent, who are here mobilized as a vigilante patrol on America’s southern border. This new Cap isn’t nearly so well-connected as the old — in this issue alone he gets thrown off the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and has to fly commercial … in the middle seat no less! Loved seeing Misty Knight as part of Sam’s supporting cast, and any book that gets into a lather can’t be all bad!

Approachability For New Readers

Not so great. There’s a little text slug on the first page telling us that Sam Wilson has become the new Captain America, but there’s quite a bit of unexamined continuity leading into this tale.

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Sales Rank

#31 October

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Captain America: Sam Wilson #1

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