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The Making Of 4 Seconds

My good buddy at Mars Will Send No More has published an interview with your humble narrator about my original digital comic book, 4 Seconds, at his eponymous site.

4 Seconds

4 Seconds is FREE to read online at Thrillbent!

Visit Mars Will Send No More for a 4 Seconds deep dive featuring script samples and original concept art by design wizard Billy King!

Thanks to Mars Will Send No More for his in-depth interview!

Mars Will Send No More!


4 Seconds Is Here!

It has been a long and winding road, but my original comics story 4 Seconds has been published at last!

4 Seconds is a noir thriller about a petty thief who discovers she can see four seconds into the future. That’s just enough precognition to get into trouble, but not nearly enough time to pull off the heist that will save her sister’s life.

4 Seconds

4 Seconds is published by Mark Waid’s Thrillbent. It is a digital comic that takes full advantage of the online storytelling medium — it is not a “motion comic” or a conventional comic placed online, but instead a new way of telling comic book stories. It is a complete story and it is 100% FREE to read RIGHT NOW at!

I will have plenty more to say about the production of 4 Seconds in later posts — from the book’s origin as a fifteen second pitch that won Mark Waid’s open story competition at San Diego Comic-Con, through the research I did into the comics storytelling form, to the concept art we developed to show you exactly what it is like to see four seconds into the future … but for now, please mouse on over to Thrillbent and read 4 Seconds!

(And then come back here and tell me what you think!)

My heartfelt thanks go out to publisher Mark Waid, my artistic partner Karl Kesel, visual designer Billy King, and the entire 4 Seconds team for busting their asses bringing this story to life! It has been the “thrill” of a lifetime working on this project … so go read it, already!

The creative team:


All-New, All-Different, All-Delivered!

A long-anticipated box has arrived at Longbox Graveyard Secret Headquarters!


It says Westfield Comics on the box, which kind of ruins the surprise … but this is a unique moment for me because it’s the first time I’ve bought new comics in about, I dunno … twenty-five years? Maybe longer. And when I used to buy comics, mostly I did mail order through … Westfield Comics. Some things never change!

I was a little worried about that dent in the box, but then I saw the wall of peanuts within …


… and beneath the peanuts, the precious contents!


That X-Men 92 was a gift for my pal Billy King, but the rest of the box contained my first shipment of Marvel’s All-New All-Different rolling reboot, which I will be reviewing in capsule form here at Longbox Graveyard in the weeks ahead!


I understand that reviews are a bit less useful when they arrive after the book they are reviewing, and my Westfield pre-orders sometimes show up a week or two after a book hits the street … but ordering this way lets me shave a big chunk off of cover price, which adds up when you commit to buying and reviewing 60-odd comics. And besides, for a blog that normally lives in 1978, being a few weeks behind the times is no big deal!

Join me back here tomorrow when I kick off my All-New All-Different capsule review series with my impressions of Invincible Iron Man #1!

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