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Between The Pages!

This month’s friendly plug is an especially tasty one — please visit Between The Pages Blog!

Between The Pages




Between The Pages has the unique (singular?) focus of being all about pop culture … and food!

Groot Cake

it’s a Groot cake!

Between The Pages covers the same era of superheroes that I love here at Longbox Graveyard, most recently with an enthusiastic supplement to this month’s March Madness Super-Animal Showdown in this terrific piece about Krypto and Streaky:


(Destructo probably deserved a place in our field of 32).

Between The Pages is also a member of Super-Blog Team-Up, having blogged about Han Solo, Darth Vader, Bruce Wayne & Lois Lane, and Star Trek, always with an edible twist …

Bake Long, And Prosper

So please head over to Between The Pages — a site so good you could eat it — and tell them Longbox Graveyard sent you!

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