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Super Tuesday: A Doll By Any Other Name

This week’s Super Tuesday flashback is another Heroes World ad (from the era before they destroyed the comics business). This offer is trying real hard not to use the word “doll” in describing the toys on offer, settling on “collectible miniatures” to describe what we’d later come to call “action figures.”

I am far from an expert in this field but this seems an especially odd lot of figures, mixing Marvel and DC mainstays with has-beens (Battlestar Galactica), evergreens (Star Wars), and never-weres (CHiPs!).

(Though of all the figures offered here, it is the CHiPs set that would likely rank first with today’s ironic hipsters).

Join me tomorrow here at Longbox Graveyard for toy action and mayhem of a more murderous kind, when we journey to a mad toymaker’s paradise for some Kung Fu adventure!

TOMORROW AT LONGBOX GRAVEYARD: Master of Kung Fu: Mordillo’s Island

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