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Super Tuesday: Greetings, Culture Lovers!

Welcome to a new regular feature here at Longbox GraveyardSuper Tuesday, where I take a look back at house ads and other oddities from ancient comics in my vast Accumulation.

I remember liking this June, 1980 ad when it ran, thinking it was a scream to see an erudite Hulk.

Looking closer, I see that Marvel’s line was limited to a quite-reasonable 31 books at this time — with this coupon, you could get every book Marvel made for a year for $125.00 (you could spend that much in a weekly trip to the comic store today). Hulk’s book-of-choice is Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged, which should certainly meet with Steve Ditko’s approval. The Hulk’s companion with her back to us reading the Wall Street Journal may or may not be the Savage She-Hulk, but of greater interest is the artist signature embroidered in the chair — “Severin.” Which Severin do we think did this illustration? John? Marie? Both?

(My money is on Marie, as she was a fixture in the Marvel offices and renown for her charactertures).

Make your case in the comments, below!


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