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Angela, Queen of Hel #1


Capsule Review

The otherworldly, dour, ass-kicking avenging angel Angela braves Asgardian Hel to rescue her lady-love. S’okay. The grim tone is leavened somewhat by having the aforementioned lady-love narrate the events in a sarcastic fashion. There’s a flashback tale embedded in the main narrative, and the transition is doubly jarring for having a different artist. The splash page flashes us forward to the saga’s presumed end, which is intriguing, but it also serves to further jumble up a tale that already has a lot of backstory. There’s a lot of slashing and hacking and arguing about queens and Hierophants and temples. Angela is a striking figure but mostly I found her an empty suit.

Approachability For New Readers

Pretty good. I didn’t know much about this character, but I got on board. The whole Asgard/Heaven backstory thing is a little muddled, but … Hey, Kids! Comics!

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Sales Rank

#54 October

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Angela Queen of Hel #1


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