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The Bowie Black Widow!

FOOM #12 contained a little half-page update of Marvel’s various rock & roll accolades. There was an obligatory reference to Marvel’s Spider-Man album (which was probably clogging up a warehouse somewhere), name-checks for Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, and a reference to a Ken Russell film. Far-out!

FOOM #12

But most far-out of all was the bizarre bit of news that Angela Bowie wanted to play the Black Widow in a television series!

Angela Bowie Black Widow!

Mrs. David Bowie also aspired to play Wonder Woman in this era. You can get all the details over Robot 6 and io9.

And speaking of Wonder Woman, she will be front-and-center in next week’s Flipagram Friday. See you again in two weeks when Daredevil checks in for my next FOOM Friday!

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