Super-Blog Team-Up!

Super-Blog Team-Up is an occasional cross-blogging project where several Silver and Bronze Age comic bloggers all look at a similar topic on the same day. Founding members of Super-Blog Team-Up include Silver Age Sensations, Flodo’s Page, Superhero Satellite, Chasing Amazing, Fantastiverse, and of course Longbox Graveyard.

Super-Blog Team-Up debuted in November of 2013 with “The Day They Walked Away,” looking at the common comic book trope of superheroes hanging up their mask!

Take This Ring And Shove It!

Six different heroes went under the microscope for this inaugural Super-Blog Team-Up:

#1 Silver Age Senstations: The Thing
#2 LongBox Graveyard: Captain America
#3 Flodo’s Page: Green Lantern
#4 SuperHero Satellite: Superman
#5 Chasing Amazing: Spider-Man
#6 Fantastiverse: Hank Pym (re-solicit!)

Super-Blog Team-Up returned in February of 2014, with an expanded roster and a spiffy new banner!

Super Blog Team-Up!

This time around, our subject was “Ret-Cons” — the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Superhero Satellite: RETCON: Crisis on Continuity Earths
Fantastiverse: Age of the Retcon: Bucky 4.0 – The Winter Soldier
Silver Age Sensations: The Red, White, and Blue Silver Age Avenger!
Flodo’s Page: Green Lantern: Secret Origins – Revision or Retcon?
Chasing Amazing: Brand New Day and the Retcon of Harry Osborn
Between The Pages: Good Cowboys Always Shoot First
Longbox Graveyard: Retcon — Roy Thomas And Earth-2
Bronze Age Babies: Was The Vision Really Carrying A Torch?
Superior Spider-Talk: Peter Parker: Child of Radioactivity or Mysticism?

The third Super-Blog Team-Up dropped in May of 2014.

Super-Blog Team-Up

thanks to Superhero Satellite — by way of Dick Girodano — for the image!

This time it was all about the bad guys …

Bronze Age Babies — The Frightful Four (Are Brains Required for This Outfit?)
Between The Pages — Two Villains Rule The World of Cakes: Darth Vader & Boba Fett
SuperHero Satellite — The Great Darkness Saga
Fantastiverse — Green Goblin: The Art of Villainy and Madness
Longbox Graveyard — Thanos: Love & Death
Chasing Amazing — Carnage: How I Helped Create This Monster
Flodo’s Page — The Villainous Villainies of The Lamp-Lighter
Retroist — Doom: Of Destiny & Denial
Superior Spider-Talk — Peter Parker’s Parents
Silver Age Sensations — The Voracious Villainy of The Crimson Dynamo!
The Unspoken Decade — Godkillers:  Doomsday and Bane
The Daily Rios — JLA vs. The Beasts

Super-Blog Team-Up #4

the Superhero Satellite strikes again!

In September of 2014, the fourth Super-Blog Team-Up tackled … Team-Ups!

Super-Hero Satellite: Super Man and The Masters Of the Universe
Longbox Graveyard: Thing Vs. Thing
Superior Spider-Talk: Spider-Man and RazorBack!?
The Daily Rios: New Teen Titans/DNAgents
The Middle Spaces: Super Hegemonic Team-Up! Spider-Man, Daredevil & ‘The Death of Jean DeWolfe
Chasing Amazing: Across the Spider-Verse: A Once in a Timeline Team-Up
Retroist: Doctor Doom/Doctor Strange
Fantastiverse: Superman/Spider-man
Mystery V-Log: The Avengers #1
In My Not So Humble Opinion: Conan The Barbarian And Solomon Kane
The Unspoken Decade: Two Wrongs Making A Right: Punisher Meets Archie
Flodos Page: Green Lantern And The Little Green Men
Between The Pages: World’s Finest Couple — Lois Lane & Bruce Wayne
BronzeAge Babies: When Friends Like These ARE Your Enemies

Super-Blog Team-Up

January 2015 was all about alternate timelines!

Super-Blog Team-Up

May 2015 was all all Top Tens, all the time!


December 2015 celebrated the return of Star Wars!


Super-Blog Team-Up!

The eighth Super-Blog Team-Up came fast on the heels of the theatrical release of Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War … and explored character vs. character clashes!

Super-Blog Team-Up: Magic!

The ninth Super-Blog Team-Up celebrated the release of the Doctor Strange movie with a look at “Strange” Magic in comics!

Super-Blog Team-Up

Super-Blog Team-Up number ten was a holiday special. Longbox Graveyard sat this one out, but there’s still plenty of good reading here!


Death of Super-Blog Team-Up

In July of 2017 … we just killed off the whole idea.

Reign of the Super-Blogs!

In the closing days of May, 2018, Super-Blog Team-Up returned (sort of) with the Reign of the Super-Blogs!

Super-Blog Team-Up MIGHT return … when you least expect it!

SBTU Contunies

  1. Great work as always my friend! I am always on board for more it was fun…and educational!! Reading those posts just makes me want to read comics!

    And that my friend is a good thing!

    Thanks again!

    Hero out!


  2. I would love to participate in this. My blog is new, but I’ve been reading comic books for almost 30 years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Groovy!

      Hunt up Charlton Hero over at Superhero Satellite — he’s emerged as the benevolent dictator of the Super-Blog Team-Up. Your blog looks nice and I expect you’d fit right in (provided you think yourself a good fit for a functional Anarchy!)


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