“L” Is For …

… Legion of Super-Heroes! (1980)

I’ve tried to join the Legion several times, but always pranged off the side. The continuity is just so dense, it is like a comics hobby all by its lonesome.

But I keep trying. I come back to the Legion, every couple years, and try to get onboard with the 1980s incarnation, where I sense greatness … but where I also sense I won’t get anywhere unless I make reading it my full-time job!

If DC had a subscription service like Marvel Unlimited, you can bet I’d be all over the Legion. Instead, I’ve been reading them (very slowly) from the beginning, via some hardback collections of their first appearance in Adventure Comics. But those Silver Age stories are hard going, friend.

Get me a membership card for the Legion’s rocketship club house — at least tell a poor guy where to start! Or suggest other “L” books I should be reading, in the comments section below!

Honorable Mention:

  • Love and Rockets (1982)

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“K” Is For …

… Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth! (1972)

I was late to the party on Kamandi, and didn’t really dig into this series until I bought a whole whack of issues on digital a couple year ago. If I try to read too many of them in a row, my brain melts, but for a run here and a run there, Jack Kirby’s berserk animal post-apocalypse is a good read.

It is a boys’ adventure series, to be sure, and not so thought-provoking as the New Gods work Kirby did during this same period at DC, but not everything has to be cosmic stum-und-drang. And there’s still plenty to chew on in the subtext of Kamandi’s adventures, as we contemplate how men brought ruin to their world. Ugh, that virus!

Chime in with your favorite “K” books, below!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kingdom Come (1996)
  • Karnak (2015)

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“J” Is For …

… Justice League of America! (1960)

And I do mean the Justice League of AMERICA … not because of any misplaced patriotism, but because for the most part the era I enjoy of this book comes from when the League was branded as such, and the franchise hadn’t spun itself out into a dozen different sub-leagues.

I prefer the wonky Silver Age Justice League, though I seem to recall some pretty tasty George Perez JLA’s from the Bronze Age, too. And sure, I like the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire League too, even if that’s the era that bade farewell to that “America” moniker.

For the most part, I was a Marvel kid growing up, but even I had to admit that the Justice League were pretty awesome. The early-70s cartoon appearances were especially reassuring to me, coming along at an age where I didn’t care if DC characters were “my father’s superheroes.” It might even have been a bonus that the JLA seemed so paternalistic. They helped me feel safe.

That’s probably why I feel nostalgic about the Justice League, even with so few Justice League books in my collection.

Write in with your own favorite “J” books, below!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Journey Into Mystery (1952)
  • Jungle Action (1972)
  • Judge Dread (1977) — yeah, it’s a cheat, but I didn’t include a numbers entry in my alphabet, and “2000 AD” would get crowded out of the “T’s!”

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“I” Is For …

… The Incredible Hulk! (1962)

The Hulk has had a lot of interpretations through the years, but my favorite is the loud, dumb, and heartfelt version most frequently seen in the Incredible Hulk, especially in its Silver and Bronze Age incarnations.

Puny Banner! General Thunderbolt Ross! The Hulkbusters! A non-stop parade of gamma-irradiated super-baddies! I love it. I even warmed up to Herb Trimpe’s iconic take on the Hulk, after I studied him a bit and saw what he could do when his breakneck Marvel deadlines allowed him to apply himself.

Plus, it was thanks to collecting the Incredible Hulk that I own the single most valuable comic in my collection … even if I did cut it up as a kid.

Tell me about your own “I” book favorites!

Honorable Mentions:

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“H” Is For …

… Howard The Duck! (1976)

The late, great Hunter S. Thompson said that when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, and in this weirdest of weird times, the pro I miss most (along with the aforementioned Doctor Gonzo), is the great Steve Gerber.

I think that Steve would have had a lot to say about the current state of the world, which seems more comic-bookish than half the comics in my collection. Howard would have afforded Gerber with the perfect platform to tear apart the supervillians and talking heads polluting my newsfeed … and the time might even be right for Howard to mount another Presidential run!

(We could do a lot worse).

We miss you, Howard, Hunter, and Steve!

Tell me about your favorite “H” books in the comments section, below!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hercules (2015)
  • House of Secrets (1956)

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