Dudley Serious!

Once upon a time, I wrote comic books.

One of the great things about my publisher — Malibu Comics — is that they’d try just about anything. And one of the many things we tried was experimenting with a new form of comics.

Our Interactive Comics line combined choose-your-own-path adventure books with conventional comic book stories. Each of the three issues in the line featured the same cast of characters — Dudley Serious and sundry supporting players — in stand-alone stories exploring different genres.

Just for fun … and because (in further proof that everything-old-is-new-again) interactive comics are making a comeback in the digital world … I thought I’d post one of my Dudley Serious comics here at Longbox Graveyard!

Dudley Serious Saves The World!

Click Here To Start!

The superhero installment of the series was Dudley Serious Saves The World, a light-hearted, Silver Age romp where Captain Serious confronts the vile Cliche Master. The comic was published in 1991 by Malibu Comics, with pencils from Phillip Hester, inks by Ande Parks, letters from Patrick Owsley, edits by Chris Ulm & Dan Danko, and script by Paul O’Connor (hey, that’s ME!)

Begin your adventure by clicking HERE!

More Dudley! More Serious!

Dudley Serious Saves The World was the middle installment in our Interactive Comics experiment, book-ended by Dudley Serious And The Dungeon Of Doom, and Dudley Serious And The Space Patrol.

Would you like to see MORE Dudley Serious?

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