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Comic book house ads.

Super Tuesday: Christmas!

Christmas is fast upon us and this week’s Super Tuesday seeks to put you in a superhero holiday mood. This Christmas wreath is largely without spirit, and appears quickly slapped together from Marvel clip-art but what’s most interesting to me is that image of Conan, bottom center, because it looks to me to have been drawn by Jack Kirby. If so, it was right at the end of Kirby’s final tenure with Marvel, as he transitioned to full-time film and animation work in 1979, the year this ad saw print.

Also of note — why does Luke Cage have blue teeth? And wouldn’t this have been a perfect time to have Luke declare, “Christmas!”

Merry Christmas, Mr. Cage!

Please accept these early season’s greetings from Longbox Graveyard, and join me here tomorrow when I offer the perfect holiday gift choices for the special geek in your life (who may very well be YOU!)

TOMORROW AT LONGBOX GRAVEYARD: Longbox Graveyard Comic Book Holiday Gift Guide

Super Tuesday: The Strange Case of Doctor Strange

Sometimes a house ad points the way toward a special book. Sometimes the ads are better than the book! And sometimes, as in the case of this Super Tuesday spot, the ad … is all you get!

That is the case with this strange case of Doctor Strange, advertising a 1981 Frank Miller run on the book that never actually came to be. Who knows what may have happened if Mr. Miller had gone on to put his stamp on one of Marvel’s most most difficult-to-get-right characters?

(And if you like your doctors to be strange, don’t miss tomorrow’s column!)


Super Tuesday: Direct Currents

Like Longbox Graveyard, these Super Tuesdays have showcased a lot of Marvel Comics material, but I don’t mean this as a slight to DC Comics.

It is true that I am more of a “Marvel Guy” than “DC,” but this mostly reflects the composition of the Accumulation I showcase here at the blog. For example, I’ve been reading a lot of the DC New 52 collections lately … but haven’t felt a need to write about them here. And since I started my Super Tuesday series, almost all of my scanning time has been devoted to support of older Marvel books, so there’s been little opportunity to discover and capture vintage DC ads.

This notice for the DC Direct Currents newsletter did catch my eye, though, and I’m especially interested if that “giant” 13 x 18 poster cover was really a poster or just the cover of a newsletter. It’s also interesting to see the characters DC chose to spotlight in this ad, with Black Lightning and Steve Ditko’s Shade The Changing Man stuck near the back of the lineup. Sgt. Rock brings up the rear, gun at the ready, like he’s marching the other heroes off to some grim, marketing-driven fate.

I assume Direct Currents was just marketing material, rather than a fanzine (reinforced by a look at these scans). In one form or another I recall the Direct Currents branding appearing on DC editorial pages through the 1980s.

Did anyone ever subscribe to Direct Currents? Let me know in comments, below … and someday I suppose I will have to further confirm my Marvel allegiance by writing about Marvel’s in-house fan mag, FOOM!

Join me tomorrow for another kind of direct current …


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