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Brian Michael Bendis On Marvel Comics Differing From Marvel Movies

“… I thought Marvel wouldn’t go for it because the movie was on the horizon but our publisher at the time said that he wanted the books to be very different than what was in the movie because the audience already saw the movie and they were probably looking for something different. Something that raised the stakes from what they saw in the theater. … It was a good choice. It also showed something above corporate thinking that I quite admired …”

— Comics author Brian Michael Bendis on editorial policy that Marvel comic books should differ from their movie counterparts. Read the full quote here, at Bendis’ excellent Tumblr blog.


Bob Layton On His Character Rights Issue With Marvel

“I just reached a settlement with Marvel over a character rights issue from David (Michelinie) and my days on Iron Man. Thx, Gary (Friedrich) for paving the way!”

— Comics creator Bob Layton on Twitter (see original tweet below, or read it here). Taken with the Ghost Rider settlement between Gary Friedrich and Marvel mentioned in Layton’s tweet, does this indicate that Marvel and Disney are putting their house in order when it comes to intellectual property rights for creators?

Bob Layton Tweet

Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn on Rocket Raccoon

“Rocket Racoon, who is the heart of the movie, is not a cartoon character, it’s not Bugs Bunny in the middle of The Avengers, it’s a real, little, somewhat mangled beast that’s alone. There’s no one else in the universe quite like him, he’s been created by these guys to be a mean-ass fighting machine.”

Read the rest of James Gunn’s interview here.


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