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Man Cave Monday: New Year’s Resolution

One of the reasons I founded this Longbox Graveyard blog was to keep myself on track as I sorted through my vast comics Accumulation. The idea was to hold myself accountable to the continuing job of shedding old books and organizing what I elected to keep.

As the Longbox Graveyard continues well into its second year this mission hasn’t stalled out, exactly, but it has changed a bit. Attempts to sell my comics haven’t been greatly successful (though you can help me out by checking out my bulk comics deals, or buying a select single issue). eBay has been a continual disappointment and I’m just about ready to grant a general amnesty to about half of my remaining comics (and trash the rest).

Either way, the “organizing the collection” phase of the Longbox Graveyard experiment is moving towards its end game. So what’s next?

I’m thinking about substantially remodeling my section of the garage to better house my comics, and to create a living space where I can better appreciate and enjoy what I’ve got.

the sad state of the Longbox Graveyard

The current space is just short of a disaster. My books are better organized but you’d never mistake my garage space for someplace where you’d like to crack out a book, sit down, and read.

ugly game shelves

I have a vision for the way I’d like things to look, but I will keep that to myself for now. This post is all about the “before” — a shameful exposé of how far I’ve let things go. As my Longbox Graveyard posts helped keep me focused on curating my comics, I hope these occasional Man Cave Mondays will keep me on track in the year ahead as I face the very big job of transforming the garage.

The first step will be clearing out the existing space, installing closing cabinets, applying some fresh paint, and doing something about the floor. I may also be putting in a wall …

back side of game divider shelves

would like to replace this shelf space with an actual wall

Wish me luck!

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