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Cool mail order arrivals at Longbox Graveyard Secret Headquarters!

Credit Where It Is Due

Longbox Graveyard might be going through an Odinsleep, but packages continue to arrive here at my secret worldwide headquarters.

Unlike the last missive from Mars, this one was entirely expected:

Lone Star Box

It’s from my favorite online back-issue retailer —!

But this order was mostly Omnibus reprints.

Leading off — the first two volumes of the reprinted Master of Kung Fu!

Fist-Full Of Omnibuses

It is more than a little bizarre that I got these, as Master of Kung Fu is one of the few comics runs where I own almost every issue … but these Omnibus editions are easier to reference and read, and given these books have been out of print for so many decades, I felt I would be missing the party if I failed to buy them. And, hey, this way I get those Giant-Size MoKF issues that aren’t part of my collection.

Plus, this is an inexpensive way for me to finally read the very first appearances of Shang-Chi in the pages of Marvel Special Edition … I didn’t start collecting this series until issue #20, when the book had retitled itself Master of Kung Fu.

The series originated with Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin, and was actually pretty good from the jump. This edition comes with forwards by Englehart and MoKF’s signature creator, Doug Moench, which shed a little light on the series’ origin, and also fill in some blanks for me. For instance, the reason that Paul Gulacy is on again/off again in the first dozen issue of this book was down to accelerated deadlines imposed by the printing schedule of Marvel UK. Ya learn something every day.

The Legend Begins!

Anyway, they’re handsome volumes, and I’m glad to have them, even if it means I’m on the hook for the forthcoming Volumes 3 & 4 if I want to have the whole run. (Insert weary sigh of the collector, here). I’ve already read a good chunk of the first volume — maybe it will inspire me to restart my long-dormant Master of Kung Fu review series.

I Double Dare You

Next, two volumes of Frank Miller’s Daredevil … another favorite series where I already own most of the issues, but purchased here as collections because I am a damn fool.

Finally, some actual back-issues …


This nearly fills-in my run of Black Panther in Jungle Action, and completes my collection of Chris Claremont’s run on Marvel Two-In-One, which I will get around to reviewing here sooner or later. And that stray Captain Marvel just about fills in my run of that book, as well.

Finally, to give credit where it is due … I need to thank YOU, my Longbox Graveyard readers, for each and every book pictured here. You see, this haul was paid for entirely with trade credit earned by readers clicking through to from the pages of Longbox Graveyard! And at better than four hundred bucks in trade credit, that is a LOT of clicks. Thanks so much!!

Now, I’ve got some reading to do. And some writing, too … Longbox Graveyard will return shortly with an actual issue review, sooner than you expect. Watch this space!



Mars Has Sent Even More!

Another mysterious arrival here at Longbox Graveyard Worldwide HQ!

Martian package

The label reveals this is a package from Mars Will Send No More … but it is entirely unexpected.


Meteor Mags redux

Ah ha! A copy of Red Metal At Dawn, and the latest chapter in the saga of Meteor Mags. But I already have this book

… or do I?

second edition service!

Mystery solved! This is a second edition of Red Metal At Dawn! Have you ever received a complimentary copy of the second edition of a book, merely because you’d purchased the first?

Neither have I!

And to further prove that he’s a class act, an autograph from the Mysterious Martian himself:

mysterious inscription

Thanks, Mars, this kindness made my day.

If you want to know what the hubbub is all about … read my original article about Red Metal At Dawn. Everything I wrote then still applies … and now applies double, with this revised edition!

Red Metal At Dawn

Kids Need Your Comics!

Longbox Graveyard awoke from Odinsleep this morning when the following missive arrived in the ol’ mailbag:

My name is John Hollister. I drive school bus 138 in Franklin, TN. Every year I am Santa for my kids but this year my loads have ballooned to about 120 kids who do ride and 30 more who can ride from K-5 and it has started to “strain” my cash I have allotted for them. Please note I am NOT asking for anything free but would be very interested in anything you have that you are looking to get rid of and are age appropriate. Quantity not an issue if the price is right as my wife and I stopped giving candy away several years ago at Halloween and we get about 100 kids a year. I also ferry 50 highschoolers (9-12)

I have:

18 Kindergartners

33 grade 1,

26 grade 2

31 grade 3,

25 grade 4,

17 grade 5

Please make sure these are books a mother would approve of condition wise and age wise. My kids are from at LEAST 5 different countries including India (most), S. Korea, Japan, China, American :o), Pls no religious themes, Santa ok and some from each county just fine.

 Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


Whaddya say, loyal Longbox Graveyard readers? Do you have comics in bulk that you can send to John? If so, please email him directly.

Bat Bus!

probably NOT John’s bus … but so cool if it was!

Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection

With all the excitement around here this week about my most recent publication — 4 Seconds (still free to read over at Thrillbent!) — I experienced a pleasant kind of kismet when a special package showed up in the mail:

a not-so-mysterious box

That elaborate box design signals what is inside, but this arrival is no less a surprise, as I didn’t expect to see this book for several weeks yet.

And on the reverse:

box back

Yep, there’s no doubt about it … this box must contain my contributor’s copy of the Grimtooth’s Traps Ultimate Collection! Seems like only yesterday I was promoting the Kickstarter for this anniversary edition, and now it’s here!


Oooh. Slipcase. Very fancy.

slipcase reverse

Dead dinosaur leather? Hmm.

Inside the slipcase was a massive hardback, bearing largely the same front cover as the first printing of this role-playing supplement, over three decades ago!

Grimtooth's Traps!

And inside, the same cartoon that series artist Steve Crompton drew of a teenaged me, when I edited (and partially wrote) Grimtooth’s Traps back in the 1980s:

the original troll

And that’s the kismet part! What are the odds that my very first significant professional writing sale would be memorialized in a lavish anniversary edition within days of my latest creation, 4 Seconds, being unleashed on the world?

A bountiful week, to be sure.

But there was one more surprise to come.

original art

My copy thoughtfully included a piece of Steve’s original art from Grimtooth’s Traps. And how do I know it is original? Because that is my printing on the art, labeling this illustration for the “Going Down?” trap. It was so strange to see, and it immediately took me back to that first game design gig, with Flying Buffalo out in Arizona, where I helped launch Grimtooth’s Traps and wrote all sorts of wonderful role-playing things.

Thanks to Goodman Games for publishing this lavish and authoritative edition of Grimtooth’s Traps! I shall cherish it always … provided I can find a shelf strong enough to hold it!

Drop by the Goodman Games site and check out the details on the Ultimate Grimtooth Traps Collection (as well as their line of Dungeon Crawler Classics, and other old school role playing goodies. Tell them Longbox Graveyard (and Grimtooth the Troll) sent you!

Mars Rocks

There’s nothing like receiving a missive in the mail from Mars Will Send No More to spice up my day here at Longbox Graveyard Secret Headquarters!
Mars Rocks!

I see that Mars has been busy with the pen and marker!

(Touch down on Mars for details about this piece)

And on the reverse:

Postcard From Mars

We live in an age of wonders, where a postcard can travel all the way from Mars to California for the price of a single stamp!

And even more wondrous … a pending comic convention outing for the enigmatic Mastermind of Mars! I’m guessing this is the Amazing Arizona Con — let us know how it goes, Mars! And thanks for the postcard!

(My reviews of the All-New All-Different Marvel Now will resume at the end of this week … but be sure to check back here Wednesday for the most special announcement in the history of Longbox Graveyard!)


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