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Remembering Marvel Comics FOOM fan magazine of the 1970s.

Was Daredevil Marvel’s Only Crime-Fighter?

FOOM #13 was all about Daredevil!


That Gene Colan cover is the coolest bit about this issue, but there are a few nuggets, if you look for them.

For example, there are several character reference sheets for Daredevil and his supporting cast from the immortal Wally Wood:

Matt Murdoch Character Design by Wally Wood

Daredevil character design by Wally Wood

Karen Page character design by Wally Wood

Foggy Nelson, and DD baton designs by Wally Wood

There was also this quote from Marv Wolfman, offering insight on what distinguished ol’ Hornhead from his Marvel brethren, circa 1976:

(Daredevil) is — as far as I can tell — Marvel’s only crime-fighter. All the other characters have other shticks that they do: Spider-Man isn’t so much a crime-fighter; he fights super villains. Half-the-time I’m not even quite sure why, or what the super villain has done. For instance, there’s a three-part story running now with Dr. Octopus and Hammerhead, but so far as I can tell, no one’s committed any crime. It’s just that they’re super villains, that a good enough reason to stage the issues. Thor fights the Asgardian characters and everything else. The FF fight space monsters or creatures or earth-shaking menaces. Most of our super-heroes tend not to actually fight crime. They fight other things connected with it.

So, Daredevil, being, in a sense, Marvel’s only crime-fighter, you can do slightly different-type storylines; in fact you almost have to … Secondly, Matt Murdoch is one of the few, I think, intelligent adults in the Marvel universe, who actually has to work for a living. Peter Parker is only a part-time worker because he’s basically a student … Tony Stark is a multi-millionaire. Most of our characters don’t have to work to support themselves. Matt, on the other hand, would be in serious trouble if he weren’t being paid for the legal work he does. So, Matt is of interest.

Marv goes on to comment about how the book originated as a shadow of Spider-Man, but had neither the supporting cast nor the villains of that book. It is an interesting look at a character during a time that no one could recognize as being the end of an era for Daredevil. The last issue listed in this magazine’s then-up-to-date Daredevil index is #134 … three issues after the first appearance of Bullseye, and twenty-four issues before Frank Miller would join the book with issue #158, and finally propel Daredevil to the ranks of Marvel’s A-list books.

See you back here next week for another FOOM Friday!

The Bowie Black Widow!

FOOM #12 contained a little half-page update of Marvel’s various rock & roll accolades. There was an obligatory reference to Marvel’s Spider-Man album (which was probably clogging up a warehouse somewhere), name-checks for Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, and a reference to a Ken Russell film. Far-out!

FOOM #12

But most far-out of all was the bizarre bit of news that Angela Bowie wanted to play the Black Widow in a television series!

Angela Bowie Black Widow!

Mrs. David Bowie also aspired to play Wonder Woman in this era. You can get all the details over Robot 6 and io9.

And speaking of Wonder Woman, she will be front-and-center in next week’s Flipagram Friday. See you again in two weeks when Daredevil checks in for my next FOOM Friday!

Which Witch Is Which?

FOOM #12 was about the Vision, so it was also kinda-sorta about the Scarlet Witch, given that the two were an item at the time.

As part of that back-handed recognition, FOOM #12 invited readers to identify eight lesser-known “witches” from the Marvel Universe, circa 1975.

How many of the eight can YOU name? Post your answers in comments, below!

FOOM #12 -- Which Witch Is Which?

(And no wising off about how one of the witches is technically a warlock!)

See you back here next week for another FOOM Friday!

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