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By Any Other Name: Sub-Mariner

Longbox Graveyard #91

How do YOU pronounce, “Sub-Mariner?”

Sub-Mariner #1, John Buscema

My inaugural “By Any Other Name” post about Darkseid drew record traffic to Longbox Graveyard last month, so I figured I’d go back to the well.

This time I’m asking about Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

How do YOU pronounce the name of Bill Everett‘s signature comic book creation?

Bill Everett, Sub-Mariner

“Revenge is his motive and evil is his intent!” Cool! But confusion is also on Namor’s agenda.

He’s another one of those characters … the kind where you’re not quite sure how to say his name out loud.


I guess the above panel tells us what Roy Thomas thinks … but what do you call him? Sub-MARINE-er, or Sub-MAREIN-er?

at your service!

I’m not terribly concerned about rules or pronunciation or how Bill Everett said it (though both those things would be worth learning) — I’m more interested in how you’ve always heard the name of this character in your head while reading comics.

How do YOU pronounce this legendary anti-hero’s name? Take the poll!

Defend your choice in comments, below!

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By Any Other Name: Darkseid

Longbox Graveyard #87

How do YOU pronounce, “Darkseid?”

Jack Kirby's Darkseid

Jack Kirby‘s signature villain from The New Gods is one of the King’s greatest creations, a universe-spanning threat famous (infamous?) for his relentless pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation. He has battled the Justice League, appeared in cartoons

animated Darkseid

… and gotten his own action figure …

Darkseid action figure

… but he’s one of those characters — the kind with the name you’re not confident saying out loud.

Do we call him Dark-SEED? Or do we call him, Dark-SIDE?

(I’m inclined to call him, “Sir,” if I call him anything at all.)

There seems some consensus on the web that we should be calling this character Dark-SIDE, and no less an authority than Mark Evanier writes that is how Kirby himself referred to his creation.

But how do YOU pronounce this bad guy’s name? Take my poll!

Defend your choice in comments, below!

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