(Almost) Free Comics!

(Almost) Free Comics!

There was a time when I practically gave away my comics for free, but with the move to my (smaller) Secret Headquarters complete, and my comics Accumulation trimmed down to a taut Collection, those days are largely gone.

For flash sales of comic and game lots, please check out my eBay listings. Thanks!


“I’ve purchased quite a few comics from LongboxGraveyard and Paul is a pleasure to work with and has very fair prices. I highly recommend contacting him if he has anything you’re looking for!”

— Andrew Porwitzky aka @DoktorAndy


The Last Lots!

ye olde Longbox Graveyard editor lovingly assembles your comics order by hand!




  1. That’s was really funny! Dig the pledge operators! I didn’t realise LBG was such a big outfit! Maybe you SHOULD get Kens Burns, hey? Think about it…? 😜 lol 💋


    • Well, if there’s a secret to making money giving away comics for free, it probably has something to do with volume …


      • Heck, if you ask me giving comics away for free sounds like a foolproof way to get rich quick! And, hey, you just happen to have all those pledge operators standing by, too… should be supremely doable, dude! VOLUMES!

        Good luck with that. 😉 lol

        Hope you have a great day! 💋


  2. Unfortunately, 90’s Marvel is an all time low point for comics. No wonder you can’t unload those things!


    • Yes, I may well end up throwing them in the street, for real!

      To be fair, I have sent one box to a kind correspondent, and another box is up on eBay at this hour (doubtless destined to go for a $0.01 bid plus postage, if I am fortunate). That least just one box to get placed before I move on to the next longbox that needs a home … probably Ultraverse stuff, or maybe all Indie books from the 80s …


  3. If you get any runoff, send them to me: blackpun2000@yahoo.com (or click the link to my website below to contact me) I am offering the same deal. I have had the same trouble unloading comics (very slowly) on Ebay. I have similar comics (Nexus, The All New Teen Titans Perez/Wolfman and more)


    • Runoff … as if! Bad enough I have to work to give away my comics for free and now I have competition? Oy gevalt!

      (Good luck with that, brother).

      And if you want to BUY some books, you know where to go …


  4. Hey there. One of the solutions I’ve come up with is to hand out my excess accumulations to kids at Halloween. It’s been a great success and kids come to my door now remembering that I give out comics!


    • I think I’d give kids wormy apples before I’d inflict 1990s Marvels on them, but I take your point. If I’m every giving away comics that are of quality and don’t feature sex acts, decapitations, or reboots, I may go that route (and you can guess how that slims things down).

      There was actually one Halloween where I gave away copies of one of my own comics — Bones — but come to think of it, that wasn’t especially appropriate, either.

      Do you ever get parents giving you a long look for handing out comics? Sad to say, but so few comics are genuinely kid-friendly these days.


  5. Hi, I was trying to find some comics for my little brother (he’s 10), so I was wondering if you had any Avengers or Spiderman comics? Also, what payment method do you prefer? I have a Visa Debit card, or I could use cash.


  6. This is a great idea!

    I was just commenting on Twitter that I was thinking about a way to set up a comic exchange – everyone who buys comics on the regular ends up with stuff they don’t want (or don’t want anymore) and while I manage to sell some of it on eBay – some of it remains unsellable due to its very randomness.

    Perhaps I will steal your idea and just set up lots for “free” (cost of shipping) on my blog. Maybe I will require people go over and like the FB page for my blog as “payment.” 🙂


    • Trading is great! When members of a community think in terms of consuming for use rather than consuming for acquisition, it becomes a natural extension to trade on those things that aren’t being used any longer. Along with this comes reduced expectations of the value of the things that are being traded, and users generally become less hysterical about grade & condition of the object, or even their original purchase price. Once you start seeing your stuff as … well, “stuff” … you start to calculate it in terms of how much it will cost you to ship it to someone else, rather than how much the stuff itself should be worth.

      I think there could be great value in a trade paperback exchange — old TPBs are often worthless on the secondary market, and they qualify for reduced rate Media Mail in the U.S. You can mail a stack of graphic novels to someone for under ten bucks and receive plenty of reading in return. But this does require a community where users trust each other, and (perhaps even harder to attain) it will require that comics fans recognize that most of the stuff they have is of value only to themselves and the retailers who make a living by selling it to them.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey i need around 50 comic books. How much would they cost?


    • Around two hundred bucks, if you believe Marvel Comics!

      Alas, my days of offering huge bulk discounts on older books have passed, but I will be offering sixty or so recent Marvel #1s on eBay sometime soon … watch this space …

      Thanks for your interest!


  8. Justin Marshall

    Are you out of longboxes of comics. I am a new collector and want to buy in bulk to improve series that I want to finish.


    • Hello, Justin! Sorry to say but the days where I was shipping full longboxes out of my Secret HQ are in the past, likely forever. All I have on offer right now are the graphic novels listed on this page. Thanks!


  9. Hey do you sell by the box. Id so take as many off your hands as you got.


  10. William Schraeder

    I love reading comics and id take anything you have to offer how do i get in touch with you?


  11. William J. Garrison

    Hey Paul, I began about 13 months ago collecting comics. I was not intending to do this however I now have about 2,100. With this being said I am always looking for available comics I can afford. I like your title you use, mine is “The Cheap Comic Collector”. You have a few to sell? and price please.


  12. Can I still purchase a long box?


  13. How much do u want to sell them for ?


  14. Hello my name is Daniel. I am interested in buying big lots of comics. Marvel, DC, and image. Please email me back with #’s. Thank you


  15. ryan arthur bertie henwood

    keep uo the good work mate


  16. Looking fir bulk comicbooks


  17. Johnny Tritley

    My house was broken into and I lost all my comics from my childhood. So any comics is a good start for me. Please let me know if you have good ones I’ll even buy them thank you


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