Vote In The Tournament of Terror Final — Swamp Thing vs Ghost Rider!

Our championship final is set! In our Final Four, Swamp Thing easily swatted aside Werewolf By Night, while Dracula recovered from Ghost Rider’s fast start to at least make a fight of it, but Ghost Rider prevailed in the end!

  • Swamp Thing over Werewolf By Night 78/23
  • Ghost Rider over Dracula 53/47

I felt a little bad for Dracula going down … but defeat is part of his DNA. He’s always getting staked or baked to ash, and always rising again. Dracula is the Comeback King. He’ll return soon enough to call us all “miserable clods” or “cretins” or “dolts.” (On second thought, maybe I don’t feel so bad for him, after all).

On to the title match! Get your votes in EARLY this time … unlike previous rounds, voting is open only through Tuesday night!

Here’s our bracket:

The Title Bout!

Swamp Thing vs. Ghost Rider: Our month-long tournament concludes with a DC vs. Marvel match-up! Swamp Thing has yet to be seriously tested in this tournament … is Ghost Rider the fiend to do it? Or will Ghost Rider’s skid marks terminate unceremoniously at the edge of the swamp?

Who ya got?

Remember to vote early. Polls close TUESDAY NIGHT — we want to get a result before Halloween.

Get voting!

TOMORROW: Marvel Value Stamps!


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  1. Looks like I was the first to cast a vote for SwampThing. I figured most of the readers are marvelites, so I cast my vote for ST. Anyway, even tho’ GR is so effin cool looking, ST’s mag is much scarier, keeping in the same vein (yuk yuk) with the theme of TERROR!


  2. For the record, I’d would have voted for The Thing!


  3. I can’t believe Drac got knocked outta the box. I figured he was the only guy who could give Swampy a run for his money. But I expect Swamp Thing to win.
    I admit, though, Ghost Rider is friggin’ cool.
    Also, one of his co-creators, the great Mike Ploog, is practically a home-boy of mine, from the great city of Mankato Minnesota. I spent a lotta time there as a kid, ’cause my aunt and uncle worked for the city. My brother goes up there once a year to watch the Vikings practice. Go Vikes!


  4. WHAAATT! Dracula got knocked out! Drac V Swamp Thing would’ve been fun. Never mind, great to have a paranormal DC V Marvel finale. For me Ghost Rider just has the edge, tearing up the swamp in flames with his bike!


  5. I know in my heart Swampy’s got this. Easy peesy. Still voting for my boy Ghost Rider.
    I offer Swampy an early congratulations.


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