Marvel Value Stamps 73 – 88

The most amazing thing happened to me!

Last night I went to bed cranky, angry, and full of bitterness about the many Marvel Value Stamp indignities I’ve chronicled all month here at Longbox Graveyard.

I was filled with silly notions about a lifetime of regret from carving up funnybooks that turned out to be worth real cash money, all these decades later.

But when I woke up … those feelings were just gone.

I felt great!

I mean, look at those stamps above. They’re charming! And imagine little twelve-year-old me, eagerly turning to the letters page of his fresh-bought comics, and cutting out the newest stamps. Oh, it’s charming.

And these stamps, in particular, represent such a positive series of role models. Kingpin is a champion of his city, and a force for urban renewal. J. Jonah Jameson, the original crusading reporter, and the enemy of Fake News! The Leader … that guy knows best, let me tell you. The Rhino, the Stranger, Dormammu — pillars of the community, all of them! Only Ghost Rider is less than wholesome. “Biker Types” are anti-social!

Here’s the very reasonable price I ended of paying for those cute stamps!

  • #73 Kingpin: Power Man #21 – $9
  • #74 The Stranger: Marvel Premiere #18 – $21
  • #76 Dormammu: Doctor Strange #5 – $17
  • #80 Ghost Rider: Thor #229 – $10
  • #81 Rhino: Ghost Rider #9 – $21
  • #87 J. Jonah Jameson: Marvel Team-Up #25 – $8
  • #88 The Leader: Avengers #129$19

That brings the running total replacement cost for my Value Stamp issues to $3136. A pittance. I really don’t know what I was upset about!

Silly me!

You know, if my rantings here this past month have infected any of you … I am sincerely sorry. But better than apologies, I can offer a cure! I found this darling little seed pod under my bed. Let me bring you one, you will feel so much better after a good night’s sleep.

It’s no bother.

Oh, no, I insist.

There is no pain. Suddenly, while you’re asleep, they’ll absorb your minds, your memories and you’re reborn into an untroubled world … Tomorrow you’ll be one of us … There’s no need for love … Love. Desire. Ambition. Faith. Without them, life is so simple, believe me.

Marvel Value Stamp info sourced through the Marvel Value Stamps Index. Thanks to Billy King for Marvel Value Stamp horror scenes Photoshop wizardry and indexing back order prices!

TOMORROW: Dr. Strange vs. Dracula!


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  1. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Paul O’Connor?!?


    • He got stamp-eded by nostalgia!


    • A good night’s sleep really did me wonders!

      And thinking on this Marvel Value Stamps thing has helped me clarify something that is obvious to everyone else — the difference between genuine and manufactured rarity. A comic from 1939 about a legitimate pop icon that survived treehouses and wartime paper drives … that’s genuinely rare, and while we can argue about whether any comic should be worth a million bucks, I think there is no arguing that a copy of Action #1 (or whatever) is a legitimate pop culture artifact. Something created to generate collectable demand, in terms of limited edition covers or platinum editions or whatever … that’s artificially rare, and while you should go ahead and enjoy your copy of Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 (or whatever), don’t be surprised when no one is falling over themselves to buy your copy at the comics shop.

      Marvel Value Stamps are even worse … they represent manufactured rarity, at the expense of GENUINE rarity! Shame on me for buying into the scheme in the first place, but that this false pursuit caused me to destroy books that would later prove legitimately collectable. Ah, cruel cruel fate.

      (Gave me plenty of blog fodder, though).

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  2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Don Siegel, great movie!


    • Caught it again the other night on Criterion … I had remembered the movie ending with Kevin McCarthy on the bridge, screaming that the invaders were coming, and seeing the pods in the back of the truck. The version I saw the other night had a happy ending, with the authorities believing McCarthy and setting up roadblocks and etc. … apparently there were multiple versions of the film, and although the Criterion edition I saw was restored to the proper screen ratio (and looked great), it also included the “studio” ending, rather than the one favored by the creators.


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