Marvel Value Stamps 57 – 72

So many pages in the Marvel Value Stamp Book. So many pages in this Book of Sins.

Imagine you are in the basement of a haunted house. Feeble light leaks through the boarded-up, fortress-like windows, illuminating lazy swirls of dust motes. Bones and rusty knives hang from the ceiling on chains and leather straps. Red eyes gleam from the shadows, unblinking. The sound of your own heartbeat muffles your uncertain, shuffling footsteps as you approach … the Book.

Inside, page after page. You turn them, with increasing speed and hysteria. Each page displays the grim trophy haul of a homicidal maniac. Ears, on one page. Flensed fingertips on the next. Ah, eyelids! And WHAT the hell are those irregular shapes with the bits of hair …?!?

Yeah, that’s how I feel, leafing through the pages of my Marvel Value Stamp Book.

The body count mounts. Most of the damage was done when I cut up my Hulk #181, but good ol’ Wolverine popped up in another couple books in the summer of ’74, costing me even more blood money.

Bring out your dead!

  • #59 The Golem: Incredible Hulk #182 – $80 (Wolverine cameo)
  • #60 Ka-Zar: Frankenstein #13 – $15
  • #61 Red Ghost: Captain America #180 – $17 (1st app of Nomad)
  • #62 The Plunderer: Fantastic Four #153 – $15
  • #66 General Ross: Astonishing Tales #26 – $14
  • #67 Cyclops: Incredible Hulk #180 – $209 (1st app of Wolverine, technically)
  • #68 Son of Satan: Astonishing Tales #25 – $51 (1st app of Deathlok)
  • #70 Super Skrull: Avengers #128 – $19
  • #71 The Vision: Avengers #129$19

For those of you scoring at home … I’m up to $3031 in replacement costs!

It’s like a waking nightmare!

Marvel Value Stamp info sourced through the Marvel Value Stamps Index. Thanks to Billy King for Marvel Value Stamp horror scenes Photoshop wizardry and indexing back order prices!

TOMORROW: Dark Genesis!


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