Vote In The Tournament of Terror Final Four!

As wild as our first round was, the second round was all blowouts:

  • Swamp Thing over Vampirella 77/23
  • Werewolf over Solomon Grundy 70/30
  • Ghost Rider over Hellboy 70/30
  • Dracula over The Demon 63/37

No tie-breakers were necessary this time. I didn’t even promote the contests on Twitter because the eventual winners all jumped out to such a big lead — the will of the voters was clear!

This leaves us with a tasty, Bronze Age Final Four!

Here’s our bracket:

The Final Four!

Swamp Thing vs. Werewolf (By Night): Here is where we will see if the power of Longbox Graveyard Marvel Nostalgia can carry the day. Swamp Thing has been the tournament favorite from the jump, and among the monsters still standing, he is the most currently relevant character by far. But the Werewolf By Night has been the tourney’s Cinderella, following up his shockingly-easy first round defeat of Blade with an equally easy second-round dispatch of Solomon Grundy.

As a DC/Marvel face-off, I don’t have a legitimate Swamp Thing/Werewolf By Night battle to share, but this Bernie Wrightson/Len Wein image will get us close enough …

Who earns your vote for a trip to the finals?

Ghost Rider vs. Dracula: Ghost Rider (ahem) blazed into the Final Four after defeating critical darling Hellboy last round, while Dracula survived the round’s closest fight by putting down The Demon. I’m sensing a little weakness in Drac … Tomb of Dracula is unquestionably a more distinguished book than Ghost Rider’s many stops-and-starts, but this contest is all about the characters, and there’s no disputing that a flaming skull on a motorcycle has aged better than ol’ fangs-and-cape.

Ghost Rider and Dracula share the same publisher and era, so I’m gobsmacked that I could find no record of a canonical cross-over or battle between the two. (I’m sure the readers will fill me in if I’m wrong). For lack of something better, here’s Ghost Rider fighting Doctor Druid (hey, at least it’s an old dude in a cape!)

But accept no substitutes when you vote! Make your pick, Drac or Ghost Rider!

We really couldn’t ask for a more frightful Final Four. Get those votes in, tell your friends, and sound off for your favorite monster in the comments section, below!

TOMORROW: Marvel Value Stamps!


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  1. I knew Swampy would make it to the final four, and I see him going onto the final two and sweeping this contest easy. I voted for Swampy and Ghost Rider.


  2. Ghost Rider is ahead of Dracula?!? What the dilio?
    Maybe the Dracula fans and minions are still waking up in their crypts as night falls and ain’t voted yet. That’s the only way I can figure it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll say it again: I love Ghost Rider, but he did not deserve to win against HellBoy and he sure as heck doesn’t deserve to beat the classic unbeatable Lord of Vampires. I think we need to see a series with a motorcycle riding vampire whose skull flames on whenever he gets thirsty.


  4. I had to vote for Werewolf by Night and Dracula. I have to confess, I’ve never read an issue of Swamp Thing. Shame on me! I did expect Dracula to win this tournament, so it looks like I’m wrong again.


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