Vote In The Tournament of Terror Round of 8!

The random seeding of our first round had predictably chaotic results, with a couple blowouts and two of the closest races in the history of Longbox Graveyard’s competitions! Here are the results:

  • Swamp Thing over Man-Bat 77/23
  • Ghost Rider over Morbius 75/25
  • Dracula over Son of Satan 74/26
  • Vampirella over Fin Fang Foom 71/29
  • Werewolf by Night over Blade 63/37
  • Solomon Grundy over Monster of Frankensteain 63/37
  • The Demon over Godzilla 51/49
  • Hellboy over Man-Thing 50/50*

Those last two results bear special mention. The Demon triumphed over Godzilla by a single vote, while Hellboy and Man-Thing ended in a tie! For the first time in the history of Longbox Graveyard, I had to cast tie-breaking vote … and I picked Hellboy, in view of ergozen’s passionate defense of the character in our comments section (up to and including an offer to send Hellboy graphic novels to our voting public!)

Keep those last two matches in mind the next time you think your vote doesn’t count!

The remaining contests weren’t as close, but we still had a couple surprises. I didn’t expect Blade to lose to Werewolf by Night, and I certainly didn’t expect it to be such a blowout. And while it wasn’t much of a surprise to see Vampirella defeat Fin Fang Foom, it was a pleasure to see Dynamite Comics put out the call for votes on her behalf!

Here’s our bracket as we begin the Round of Eight:

The Match Ups!

Swamp Thing vs. Vampirella: Swamp Thing predictably defeated poor Man-Bat in the opening round. Normally I’d expect Swampy to handle Vampirella with ease, but if the Dynamite Brigade weighs in on Vampirella’s favor, then anything is possible!

Werewolf vs. Solomon Grundy: The Werewolf had a suspiciously-easy time with Blade in the first round, while Solomon Grundy came out of nowhere as a write-in candidate to knock out the Monster of Frankenstein. Both results seem a little fluky … which Cinderella will escape the second round?

Ghost Rider vs. Hellboy: Ghost Rider just ran right over Blade in the first round, while Hellboy needed a tie-breaking vote to prevail over Man-Thing. Hellboy is probably the more significant character, but will the infamous Longbox Graveyard Bronze Age Marvel Bias push Ghost Rider into the Final Four?

Dracula vs. The Demon: Jack Kirby may not have cared much about horror characters, but his Demon still made it to the second round by the narrowest of margins. But now Etrigan must face the Lord of the Vampires — who will prevail?

That’s a pretty solid Round of Eight! Get voting, and tell your friends, then come back next Monday for our Final Four. And as always, make the case for YOUR favorite monsters in the comments section, below!

TOMORROW: Marvel Value Stamps!


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  1. Boo, hiss on the tie-breaker!

    I’m a little surprised that Werewolf by Night beat Blade, considering the success of the Blade movies. Not disappointed or anything, just surprised. Also surprise that the Demon beat out Godzilla.


    • Jack Russell’s evisceration of Blade was the major upset of the first round, in my view. I wonder if they ever squared off in a Marvel book? (Surely they have …)


    • Same here Dave, All I can think of is that there’s more Demon/Kirby fans on here than Godzilla fans.


      • The Kaiju don’t always fit with the “traditional” Halloween monster roster, which is more tightly tied to the old Universal Movie Monster crew. (I suppose the Demon is an odd fit here, too, but still more closely akin than Godzilla).


    • I was also surprised, even though I voted for Wolfie — only because, though minimal, I had more exposure to that book then I ever did as Blade when I was a young comics reader. In fact, I don’t think I knew about Blade until I saw the movie!

      I voted for the Demon over Godzilla, ’cause Jack Kirby. Still a tough call because Godzilla is a huge favorite, but I decided this is a comic-centered showdown (to me) and I love Godzilla *movies* more then Godzilla comics.


      • Yes … I, too, think of Godzilla as a movie character, rather than a comic character, but he’s had a rich comics history, and not just in the Marvel books I’ve covered here. It was close! But ultimately I think the Demon is a better fit for the contest (he’s getting whacked in the second round, though).

        Tangentially … I wonder what it takes for a film property to feel properly at home in comics. Godzilla doesn’t really feel at home in comics. Nor does Star Trek, for my money. But Star Wars seems to have earned legitimacy as a comics property distinct from film. Hmm. Might be a blog there.


  2. Not too surprised at the results, other than Godzilla losing to the Demon. I’m sure the King would be pleased though. Intrigued to see who wins the next round but I’m all in for Ghost Rider, Swamp Thing, Werewolf by Night, and the Demon. I don’t know if I should be shocked if GR loses to Hellboy, but I guess that all depends on how many Hellboy fans follow your blog.


    • Hellboy is taking an absolute beating in early voting. It looks like Ghost Rider will be “Blazing” into the Final Four … unless a brigade of Mignola fans storm the blog later in the week!


    • My votes line up perfectly with yours! I have enjoyed what little Hellboy I have read but I have a more emotional connection to Ghost Rider (a sentence I never thought I’d write!)


  3. Godzilla lost to the Demon?? The King of All Monsters lost to a poetaster from Hell? I mean I love the Demon, but we’re talking Godzilla here. Talk about David and Galactus…. Sorry mixing metaphors or something.

    Well, looks like HB is gonna have to make a major come back. I’m gonna have to start beating my drum for votes. Who wants a HB graphic novel? Only costs a vote! One little vote. A vote for Hellboy is a vote for _________ (insert something you love)! A vote for Hellboy is a vote for Democracy! A vote for Hellboy is a vote for hot coffee on cold October mornings! You get the idea

    I love GR too (I bought a motorcycle b/c of Johnny Blaze), but really? The idea of GR is better than anything ever executed on paper. Even the TV iteration on Agents of Shield is better than the stories ever were. And if we compare the celluloid versions…I like Nicolas Cage, but he did for GR what Ben Affleck did for DD: nothing good. (And yes, I like Affleck. he redeemed himself after that in other films.) Just try Hellboy. You’ll thank me. It’s crack for creative geniuses… and regular geniuses too!

    WbN mauls Blade? Nostalgia is playing too large a factor here. What’s the criteria folks? Ploog’s art was good, occasionally great, but no more than that. And if we judge by the narrative? No way. Just Blade’s proximity to Dracula puts him into a higher, better category. But, no use crying over spilt blood. I’ll have to move on.


    • I’ve lost all control of this competition. If Dracula goes down to the Demon … I don’t know what to say.

      (And I think you could mail out Hellboy graphic novels 24/7 and it wouldn’t move the needle … I am seeing a trend here).

      I agree that the concept of Ghost Rider far exceeds the execution. Flaming Skull On A Motorcycle has a primal appeal that the comics have never really lived up to. But he’s all-world if we are talking velvet paintings, heavy metal T-shirts, and tattoos. It might help his appeal that he’s at least as much a superhero character as he is a monster, and this blog is all about superheroes.

      And, alas, poor Blade. Dunno what happened there.

      At least you got Hellboy out of the first round!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not surprised that Etrigan is still standing. (Or lurking, as the case may be.)
    I think he’s an extremely interesting character (demon from Hell who was at the fall of Camelot) but he’s often badly written. Sometimes as comic relief!
    I think Alan Moore wrote him best.
    I think it’s gonna come down to Swamp Thing and Dracula, with Dracula winning by a nose.
    Or, ah, fang.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Moore was always at his best finding the gold inside overlooked characters. I forgot that the Demon turned up in his Swamp Thing run — I’ll have to dig it out. I’ve been reading Kirby’s original Demon run on digital but confess I can’t manage more than an issue or two at a time before my attention wanders.


  5. Great to see the Demon reach this round along with Dracula as well. Such a hard choice as I love both characters, but Tomb of Dracula just has the edge for me!


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