Longbox Graveyard Returns in 7 Days!


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  1. Huzzah! I’ve missed you and your fun articles, Paul!

    It’s too bad you’re not a DC fan – the only modern comic event that has caught my interest is the reboot of the Legion of Super Heroes. I’d love to get your take on it, however I doubt you are/were a fan. Nevertheless I look forward to interacting with you again!

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    • It’s good to be (almost) back!

      I did actually read the first issue of the Legion reboot. I felt a little lost, but liked it well enough. As is usually the case with a Bendis book, though, it felt like it would be better to wait for a trade collection.

      And it is not that I’m not a DC fan … it’s just that my interest in Marvel so greatly eclipses my interest in DC that you might fairly draw that conclusion. I have quite a bit of DC in the collection, including the first three volumes of the DC Legion archives. I used to expand that collection by a new volume every time I found one on discount at a convention … back when I still went to conventions!

      Those archives are the Silver Age stuff, of course, and too much in one sitting is akin to sniffing glue. But I remain at least Legion-curious, and I’ll follow-up on the Bendis reboot, this decade (or next?)


      • Modern comics make it hard to join in the fun but I am trying .. I bought part 1/2 of something called “Millenium” (I think) that is a key (?) part of the setup for the LOSH relaunch. Today I am going to try to find Superman #15, which has the new LOSH on the cover so that’s exciting.

        Millenium sounds like an attempt to link all of DC “future” books together: Kamandi, OMAC, Tommy Tomorrw, LOSH, etc. I love the LOSH and am ALWAYS a sucker for Kirby characters, so count me in! We’ll see how successful this retconn (?) is.

        More important to me is getting a fun new LOSH series that lasts for a while. I am open to new interpretations of the characters and the new designs look totally cool! An early rendition of Lightning Lad with a weird partly-balding orange mullet/mohawk hair-do really turned me off, but it looks like they fixed that problem pre-launch.

        Sorry for all of the (?)s — modern comics do that to me! 😉


      • PS I also collect the Legion Archive edition hardcovers. I have all of them except for the unicorn known as #8.

        Cheapest price for this book on amazon right now is $578.95 (but with free shipping, so … wow). High price is $875.00

        The price for that volume has always been out of whack. According to reviewers on amazon there is no reason for it, since it was not an especially small printing. They blame a price goof by amazon years ago, which third party sellers then replicated and it has never corrected since,

        Did I mention that I have all of them BUT #8!?!?!! MADDENING


        • I’ll keep an eye out for #8 for you! It’s the least I can offer for your steadfast devotion to Longbox Graveyard.

          Yes, I think Millenium is a two-part table setter intended to bring DC’s various future worlds into one continuum (with Legion the most important of these). I generally find continuity boring (the more so when I don’t really know the properties) so my expectations are low for this mini-series. I will give the Legion re-launch a look, though. Legion defies easy on-boarding but maybe this will be the one that does it for me.


    • I’m a big Legion fan, so even though I’m no fan of Bendis, I might at least pay attention to it, though I don’t really read any modern comics.


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